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May 6, 2011
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                  Mahou X Girl Arisa –side story
This is the story about 13 evil spirts separated on this world  while back an monster named ugwa terrorized the erath it was all wasted unitil Raizen came! Raizen is strong human he beated ugwa by sealing him into ice and that s how spirts got seperate to every part of the place on the earth.... now the main character named Arisa have to find it all 13 of them to save the world will she achieve it? Only time can tell....

All start this day March 5 wen Ugwa was ruining the city
Ugwa-i shall destory every human muahahahahhahhh you stupid humans will pay all of you where traitors (he tells about how he don't rely like humans and don't wana consider friends ship winth them)

Melina-oh no what is he doing that s horrible the whole city will be destroyed we must act  right now!

Ugwa noticed something is coming
Melina-i wont let you  destroy the city! She used an attack now on him

Ugwa noticed she is using some move on him!
Melina-you will not.............. Destroy the city holy arrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugwa-hahahah he deflect it winth dark barrier now what will happen next?

Melina-what the i failed.....
Ugwa-who are you?

Melina-i am misters Melina i wont allow that you terrorists our world!!!!!!
Ugwa-i see you the Melina mistress who attack us years ago.....


Ugwa-that was back then in wen we where good monsters and human had good friend ship and stuff but one day you and your freind obliterated some of us.. That s why we getting our revenge from doing this to us

Melina-now i remember and that was because some darkness flowed winth that kind of monster we mussed obliterate him quick or the darkness would go deep and deep that can destroy whole palace and make big damage that s why we did it of course for safety reason

Ugwa-you lie!!!!

Melina- Is  telling him the truth back then in that year we where of course friend whiny you monster but that s how it comes to an end went an monster got flowed winth hate of the darkness we canted do nothing we mussed kill him sadly because the whole place would be destroyed

Ugwa-damit human he gotten mad because his friend got killed by Melina and her troops and that was sadly hate of darkness s fault

Melina-noticed that ugwa is attacking her

Ugwa-i wont forgive you even that was darkness of hate in my friend!
Power energy he used on Melina she sadly canted do nothing but by some nice guidance and unknown guy come!

Melina.... she noticed somone sawed her fromt he uwga s blast!

The unkown guy came from nowhere and deflect ugwa s blast!

'??????-Are you ok?

Melina-yes but who are you she saw and unknown guy
Thanks for sawing me!

???????-i came to seal Ugwa please go to safely place and its alright
Melina-but i help you Hess tough monster

???????-don't worry I beat him
Melina-one thing she asked him his name-what is your name?

??????-my name is Raizen!

Melina-Raizen!? She is  confused by his name

Ugwa-what are you talking about there i am not finished... ugwa thinked hes som moron

Melina-Oh that s.... Raizen the legendary ice spirit sealer!!!!!!!

Raizen-yes that s me hahahahahah!!!!!

Ugwa-who s that an idiot?

Raizen-listen Melllina please go to safe place i will deal winth this monster!
He told her to go to safty place because its not good place for her it is to dangerous

Melina-Did you know  that you will vanish wen you use ice spirit seal! Ice spirit seal is tough he will vanish went he uses it so he must risk all to save the world!

Raizen-i know but that s all i count we can do to save the earth! (for the sake of the earth)

Melina-i understand you lead (she understand him and let him to lead)

Raizen-all right but! I wana say my last words before that MY son Vendor please don't be so stubborn and train had your dad loves you be strong!

Melina. Its time

Sorry for reapeting it so meny times n_n

Raizen-Yes i am raady
Ugwa-hahahaha this idiot is goanna beat me up don't make me laugh!

Raizen-ok now the battle is starting Raizen vs. Ugwa whu will win only time will tell!

Ugwa-now die! He used on Raizen power ball!
Raizen-humph he blocked it of course deflect because he s strong like a rock
Ugwa-how that idiot can block my attackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  damnnnnnnnnn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raizen-you will  need to wait 1000 years till you can beat me of course train!
Ugwa is asking his name!

Ugwa-what is your name!
Raizen the legendary ice spirit sealer!

Ugwa-aaaaaa aaaaaaa ha wait what!!!????? Ice spirit sealer don't make me laugh it can't be you?

Raizen-make me!
Ugwa was not aware that  he is the real deal

Ugwa-crapppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp he got scared and fly to the sky

Raizen-hey scary cat you re flaying
Ugwa-muahahahah you can't fly Raizen now i can beat you from the sky!
Raizen-don't be so cocky here take this you monster!

Ugwa-take this! He used energy power ball on him!
While that Raizen-ha, he dodge it again but then ugwa launched the 2nd ball and raizen  on that state fast put his hand on the floor and jump to the other side
Ugwa-he s fast that s inposible he dodged my attack (it cant be true)æ

Ugwa-............................. damit all I AM KILLING YOU ALL WILL BE


Raizen-not on my watch you wont!
He s preparing something

Raizen jump and supervise ugwa he yust jumped to hit ugwa by full punch strike!!!
Ugwa-what he jumped damit but how?
Raizen-this blow is the sake for the earth wich you destroyed little by little!

Bowled punch that means he used full punch to strike him to the ground

Ugwa-gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he felled down on the street

Melina-use it now! THE MOVE RAIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She told him to use legendary move

Raizen-now or never !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raizen is using the last move! Secret art called ice spirit sealer he s using it now!
Ugwa-darkness barrier!

Raizen –put his hand on the ground and release the seal
Melina-do it now! And destroy his shield first

Raizen-spirit seal activate haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He activated the seal he used on the ground

Raizen-ok i am reedy now or never
Ugwa-hahaha you wont hit me i have my shield! Of the darkness it wont break!

Melina-your sheild wil be destory by the ice spirt sealer!!!!!!!!!!


Raizen-good bye Melina he saying he s last vords now its the time to save the world and for the sake of the earth i will not allow that you make the terror


Ugwa........................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa But still you wont break my shield muahahahaha

Raizen-try me
ICE BREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

That ice breaker right go towards Ugwa and destroyed his shield!



Raizen ice spirit seal!!!!!! Good bye Vendor and Melina and one day an chosen girl will come and beat this monster again if comes to the life!

Melina-its time use it now

Raizen-vanish you monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICE SPIRIT SEAL¨!!! THAT move made seal ugwa and Raizen vanish

It got towards ugwa---gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaa  aaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Melina-yes you did it!

Now the word is at peace the ugwa is saying his words! I will return went some specific person release me from this seal muahahahahahahhah

Raizen-uh huh don't worry my son will beat you and one chosen girl of light will obliterate you again!!!

Raizen-felled and vanishing good by again all
Melina-good bye Raizen thanks for saving me and the earth winth it we will remember you Raizen-one girl will come she will be chosen girl of light please guide her went time comes he now fully vanished

Melina-ok i understand good by friend.......

Before that Raizen noticed and Melina that Ugwa is getting sealed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gahhhhhhh cough cough i shall return ice spirit seal complete sealed him and now the spirt from him is coming out from his body separate trough the world

Melina-the time will come went that girl chuan of light comes

In this time all started afther Ugwa was defeated by Raizen and world free now an girl is born afther this moment she is called Arisa and the story of mahou shoujo arisa chan is starting!
That s kinda before arisa becomed magical girl i am not shure i think did not even exist in that time or she was a baby yeah i did not know how to explain or add so i made she like was born afther the war betwen Raizen and Ugwa

Raizen is vendors dad
Maiden is holy goodess
Ugwa-is evil demon monster kinda look like freiza not same!

So here we go this go me like an little day later i mean to say i got an idea to make an special add into the story what happened before even arisa was born and how ugwa was back and teroraised everyone my freinds i hope you will like my explanation and i know i so much reapeated same words wen Raizen stated take carew vendor and stuff lol sorry for that but still that s really amazing thing always good to underestand the story so here i show you side story what happened before in era wen Raizen fighted ugwa and sealed him into ice enyoj!
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