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Spirit maker chapter 94 Harsh betreyal

What an unexpected turn around just as vendor was going to win edgar got an extra power witch was darkness from his swords vendor was watching him how he transformers while edgar was transforming vendor noticed and strange power coming from edgar unitil he edgar finished his transformation he wondered about his new powers to defeat vendor because he

beated him and he wants that he pay for that he did to him then vendor wondered how he changed and edgar asked him is he impressed but vendor said he wasnt but edgar said how he is fearsome then edgar asked boss for second change witch he got and boss also said it should be last then edgar said to vendor how he got a second chance and that he will defeat him as he makes him pay he did to him but vendor said to him that there s no chance to see him try as

edgar got pissed he attacked him by testing his speed and they fighted by clashing hands very fast from each side then vendor said how he s fast and edgar that he can still keep up as vendor was a bit impressed and edgar how this was just an test as he tested his powers then they clashed hands again and fighted by vendor saying how this will be a tough battle while edgar how he s still up to his speed as they still clashed they got back to each side and finally clashed at each other with all they got!

Afther that vendor got excited and edgar asked him will he give up but there s no chance of vendor doing that but edgar said how there s no chance in defeating him because he isnt still defeated yet vendor will find a way because there s always a way afther they talked then vendor decided to use special attack to defeat edgar as edgar said not again vendor was hitting him from each sides but this time it wont work as edgar said it wont work for second time

because he unleashed dark barrier and made kinda gravity as vendor was hitting he was stuck just as vendor finished using his special attack lighting trust it didnt work for some reason then edgar explained what happened that he used sheild of darkness as vendor also wondered about his sheild of darkness he talked about ans explained but vendor said how there s  a way to find to break it but what edgar said how vendor s chance is below zero vendor didnt lose

hope then vendor said that he will show him as edgar said leave it be as vendor attacked still to break his sheild by using thunder fist but again it didnt work because it was darkness gravity witch was trying to distrub his concertation just as spirit master explained him then as vendor was pushing to go through edgar pushed vendor away then vendor was confused as edgar said how he s absolute defense but vendor how he will break his sheild just as they

keept talking edgar gave vendor an offer 4 mints to break his sheild and vendor aceepted it and then tough of an strategy how to break his sheild when he used lighting wave but edgar absorbed it he didnt think that edgar can do that then vendor remembered the talk with gohan about magical element absorbtion how to break it where vendor found a way to do it then he decided to use again lighting wave by using it seperate times witch also gave a head ache to

edgar while his sheild of darkness was shaking just as they keept talking vendor was wondered and again he found a way because he noticed how edgar sheild of darkness has an weak point witch was 7 seconds then vendor counted by using his lighting wave while edgar didnt even notice what he was doing then vendor said to edgar that he found his weakness but

edgar was just laughting that this isnt possible but vendor was very condident on that as he again used lighting wave at him serval times as he counted up to 7 sec then on 5th second he was using thunder fist unitl edgar got pissed while vendor was pushing through but the darkness gravity was pushing him away then edgar push vendor away and vendor starts to

laugh how he will break his sheild and then something unexpected happened just as 7 sec passed edgar sheild of darkness dissapeared and edgar was confused and then vendor managed to hit edgar by unleashing lighting flash at full power while edgar tryed to push vendor away it didnt work then finally vendor hited edgar as he breaked his sheild of darkness edgar was flying as he stoped and got back on ground vendor was very happy that he did it

and edgar congratulate him and for some reason vendor noticed how edgar healed witch was impressive just as vendor tough it be over this got more complicated just as edgar want even more serius battle and vendor said how he will get it and that he will give his all into it to beat him once and for all!  Will vendor manage to defeat edgar only time can tell

Vendor-No matter what happens i will give my all to beat you!
Edgar-Enough talk! i want to see your skills so show it to me
Vendor-I shure will!

As vendor and edgar talked how vendor will beat him and edgar wants that he start the battle fast then vendor is ready as then edgar say

Edgar-Great gahahahahaha prepare prey...   edgar use his sword as he swings at vendor
Vendor-Huh? He looks confused as the wind go fast through
Woooosh wooosh!!!
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pshhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Edgar-How about that prey!
Vendor stands like nothing even happened
Edgar-Still not Impressed? Then how about this he unleash an stronger dark wind as it wooosh at him then vendor stay still and then

Vendor gets right and left hand at his face by holding up againts the edgar s strong wind
Wooosh!!! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Edgar saying in his mind-Gah! How can he hold up againts my wind attack...
Edgar yells-Prey how can you hold up againts it tell me just HOW!?
Vendor-Its nothing special i just defended my self to stay still...
Edgar-Are you kidding me?
Vendor-Nope i am for real heh
Edgar-Damit! Just damn it  its not over yet i just started to warm up this blow you wont miss!
Vendor-What is he trying to use?

Edgar unleash something as he say
Edgar-Dark wind cutter! Ha!
He prepares to escape it as he say-Woah...that was close what an blow
Edgar-Prey! Dont think its finished now comes the wrost
Vendor saying in his mind-Ugh...there s more give me a break!
Edgar unleash more wind cutter at him by yelling...
First cutter hits vendor as vendor notices it then he escapes on right side
Then edgar unleash it on left side vendor notices it and he go to up side
Edgar-Gahahahaha i got you now! Ha!
Vendor notices edgar s attack while he s in the air

Vendor-Now this is getting serius!  Vendor prepares to escape as he was almoust got hit he unleash lighting wave at wind cutter then he go down but then edgar sense him and he unleash more at down side as vendor...
Vendor in his mind-What!? how did he i must to something!
Edgar notice while vendor got in trouble as he starts to laught
Edgar-Gahahahaha now you are finished! As the wind go wooosh shhhhhh
Vendor appears by holding his hand over his face very tight with some kind of defense
Edgar gets confused and pissed
Vendor-Phew this was an close one if i didnt use that skill i whould be toast...
Edgar-Huh you are still standing but how!?

Vendor-Actually just as you almoust hit me i was unleashing my defense witch is light barrier it was close one as well heh i guess i was lucky hahahahaha...
Edgar gets very serius as he starts to laught to
Edgar-Gahahahaha if you think that this is funny how you managed to escape then you been far from its reach that defense wont hold for so long as i said before
Vendor-Not at all because this defense is diffrend on psyhical level other one you talked about was mental....
Edgar-Prey dont think you can scare me i know that you wont get anything from defending just fight me!
Vendor-I will and i am going to finish this!
Edgar-I think that we had enough chat now get ready for my next attack....
Just as edgar almoust attacked vendor prepares for his attack...
Vendor-Here he comes concertate!

Edgar starts to move fast as he then...
Edgar while running-Prey wont know what got him here gahahahaha...
Edgar unleash serval multiple shadows as vendor say in his mind
Vendor in his mind-That s the illusion he used before but its much diffrend i must be very carefull!
Edgar  attacks vendor by making steps
Step step step he appear very fast as he already cross vendor withoud thinking
Edgar cross vendor from right side witch is an illusion
Vendor-Huh wait a moment why didnt i sense him and i concertate...

Now edgar cross vendor from left step step step....and again
Vendor-Another illusion? But i missed him strange it must concertate stronger!
Edgar laughting by saying while doing illusion crossing through vendor
Edgar-Gahahaha prey what are you thinking prey did you lose concertation eh?
Vendor saying in his mind-Ugh...something doesnt feel right i know that i last time managed to do it right just what s going on there must be something that i missed or?
Edgar use more of illusion through vendor by playing around then edgar...
Edgar-Did you forget whu s the real me prey?
Vendor-Gah with so many of illusion he now use i lost my concertation i need to remember what am i doing wrong hmm

Then vendor thinks as edgar is almoust passing through vendor like nothing even faster that ever
Vendor saying in his mind-Yep that s it the problem is this...

Raizen-Son just afther the illusion you must concertate at actual point where enemy strikes not at the point they current is going if you want to make it right then think for my illusion and find the real by sensing it through all ok?
Vendor-I will dad thanks for the tip
Raizen-Now give your all!

Edgar cross around vendor still as vendor say in his mind
Vendor-Yeah right how could i forget that my dad said i kind of got rusty here now i am ready for!

Edgar then is going through still passing towards vendor as then...
Step step step
Vendor-Concertation at all illusions into one!
Vendor close eyes and starts concertate as edgar pass around him still
Step step step and he s very close vendor just as he tough to hit him then
Edgar-Gahaahahhaha can you find me?
Vendor-He is very near! Just a bit more
Edgar makes still seperate illusions by passing through and then he  pass through again while vendor say
Vendor-Allright now i am ready! Concertate

Just as edgar appears laughting he reach vendor just as edgar is already close
Vendor sense all edgar s illusion at time while...
Vendor-Got it! Ha!!! vendor managed to sense edgar as then edgar
Step step step
Edgar reach vendor as then...
Vendor-Its the illusion?
Edgar passed through vendor....
Vendor-Yes! It is but there s nothing to celebrate i managed to get it right and now its time to get the real one! concertate...
Edgar-I am coming prey gahahahahahah!
Vendor-This is it here he comes!

Edgar starts to move fast as he attack vendor from random sides
From left vendor notices his footstpes
Step step step vendor then notices and escapes then from right
He notices it step step step and escapes from right to left and then something strange happens

the computer was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Made noise as vendor and edgar noticed and boss to
Computer-4 minutes till launch getting ready for procces...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Then it stops...
Boos say in his mind-It looks like that i am very near to reach my goal! Perfect
While computer said how there s 4 min and boss how he s near the goal while vendor and edgar fight they got interupted! In the middle of fight as edgar stops...and vendor gets  confused

Edgar-Gahahahaha this is great now i am much near to revive my mother just 4 more minits you see now prey you was lucky through i will win this fight very fast as you think...
Vendor say in his mind-Ugh there  s 4 mintues left there should be something i need to think to win this fight fast or all will be in wain!
Vendor-I whould not count on that because i beat you before even 4 minutes pass!
Edgar-Gahahahhaha i dont even think that you can do that because i know it now this time i wont get interupted by the computer prepare!
Vendor-I whould not be shure of that...
Edgar-Now! you are beated
Vendor-Here he comes...again what is he trying to do!?
Edgar attacks vendor again by using his fast speed witch is even more fast that before
Step step step as he s nearing vendor even faster

Vendor notices him from right side as edgar...hits him with his sword while vendor
Try to move out his sword from balance but...
Some kind of darkness is pushing him off just as edgar swings with his sword
Vendor saying in his mind-What was that?
Then vendor try escape from right to left as he moved off and edgar disspeared and appeared on back side
Edgar-You see now prey!? Its impossible to do anything gahahahaha
Vendor-Wow...that was impressive you are little more faster that before but just what was that you used that i canted tap your sword?
Edgar-Gahahahaha finally you admited it and yes i am much faster but didnt i tell you that already as for sword thats because of the extra power transformation i have now its impossible to even touch it!
Vendor-I find a way to tap it next time!

Edgar-If you are shure of it then...give it a try?
Vendor-Yes i will
Edgar-Good good here i go!
Vendor say in his mind-Now this is it he s much faster and i need to find a way to tap his sword but that darkness is in the way hmm what should i do?
Edgar attacks vendor by very fast speed using his fast speed
Vendor prepares as he concertate as he notices him step step step from...
Right side then as edgar appeared at vendor then just as edgar swings with his sword vendor try to think as he almoust tap his sword
Vendor-Thats it! Lighting wave!

Vendor unleash lighting wave and fuse it with his sword just as edgar swinged at his sword
Vendor then taps edgar sword with fused lighting wave and move to left side!
Edgar dissapears
Vendor in his mind-Yes! I did it...but i must not be to happy
Edgar from unkown location attacks vendor again
Step step step
Vendor-From left!
Edgar appears near vendor as he again try to swing and then vendor this time use...
Vendor-This is it! No more defending ha here is my special attack
Lighting flash!
Just as vendor managed to hit edgar while he swinged sword then edgar dissapear and reapear on backward side and then
Vendor-Did it work?

Edgar holds his face-That was lucky prey...but you see i still managed to escape it either way i will regnerate enyways gahahahaha
Vendor-Heh i actually at least hit you that s all what it matter even so you escaped with fast speed and i am getting more serius now to!
Edgar-That will be hard when i am very faster just stop it
Vendor-I know that i can and i will show it to you!
Here i go! Ha
Edgar saying in his mind-What an idiot...
As vendor approach edgar that he hit him then he unleash lighting wave in the air
Edgar swings his lighting wave with his sword saying
Vendor appears fast at edgar while he do?

Vendor surprise vendor as he yells by unleashing lighting flash
Vendor-Lighting flash!
Edgar-What the?
Then edgar try to escape it just as vendor appeared near him the darkness started reacting and he got just little hitted as he again escaped on right side
Edgar-Gah! Prey there s just no way you can hit me right i just keep recovering gahahahahaha you can do that how much you want it
Vendor saying in his mind-I almoust got him but he s speed is indeed very fast but the recovery is an bigger issue i must think of something...
-Wait a moment- yeah that s it

Vendor-I just found a way what to do to hit you correctly!
Edgar-attack me already to see that?
Vendor-This time i will do it right here i come!
Vendor hits edgar again as he runs this time right at him withoud unleashing anything
Edgar-Again!? But this time he s just running just wow is he even trying
Vendor while running towards edgar remembers something

Flash back
Gohan-Kid you must concertate at enemy s speed if you want to hit it at right time other wise if you dont full concertate you will miss it even with great ability
Vendor-I understand but what do you mean by great ability?
Gohan-That s even ability of legendary spirit maker he to was fast but there s faster enemy to so just as i told you with your current ability you will need to give an strong concertation and precise action to strike at right time
Vendor-Allright i will give my best!
Gohan-Now! show me you can do
Vendor-Yes i will!

Vendor-That s right just as gohan told me i must...
Just as vendor almoust reach edgar while running he starts unleashing familiar special move
Vendor-Concertate at right time and place by not rushing here goes! Ha...its time for
Vendor cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lighting around his hand shines
Vendor-Light burst crash! Ha!!!
Edgar-What is he trying...meh i just stop him this isnt a bother gahahahahahah and then...
Vendor approach edgar as he almoust hit him by unleashing Light burst crash by yelling
He is near edgar just as vendor then use it!
Vendor concertates alot at center side where edgar is!

Vendor notice edgar moving in diffrend directions now first left
Then right again...

Vendor-Not yet...
He is very near ha!!!!
Vendor now reach edgar as he hit him by noticing how edgar is almoust escaping with his very fast speed
Edgar on right side now no left...right?
Vendor-Got you now here i come
he raise his hand by concertaing at center side while edgar
Edgar-Give up prey i will escape your so called move and recover gahahah...wait what!?
What s going on something unexpected happened
Vendor managed to find a way to hit edgar! actually this time
Vendor-Now s the time!

Vendor-Lighting burst crash!!!! haa!!! Go through
Vendor finally hits edgar by concertating that edgar canted even move with his fast speed
Flash back
Gohan ugh...
Vendor-Haaa! guaah!
Vendor-Ha!!!!!! go go throuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh full power Light burst crash
Flash back
Gohan-He got me now ahahahahaha...
Edgar-Guah!!! Impossible!!!!
Vendor in his mind remembers-Yep just as in good old days...

Edgar fly into the air as he then  fall down and then...
Edgar opens his eyes as he say in his mind
Edgar-Nope you didnt beat me prey i will just keep recover! As someting then goes wrong as he notices....
Edgar-Cough cough...what s going on why arent i recovering
Vendor-I hit you this time now you see that i can do it as for that you cant recover that proves it actually!
Edgar-Arghaaaaaaa...cough cough damit just what did you do to me?
Vendor-Its simple since you are having dark power and me light i unleashed my lighting power at you that it blocks your regeneraiton how about that?

Edgar-Ugh...that was just an lucky again...dont think that you defeated me because i cant regenerate for now!
Vendor-What do you mean?
Edgar-Gahahahahahahahahaaha ugh....dont you see already i can fight still even withoud regneration!
Edgar s face gets darker...
Vendor-What the!?
Vendor saying in his mind-His face for some reason is getting darker
Vendor-What s that darkness on your face?
Edgar-That was an good guess that you noticed i dont have idea actually...but i know that i get my revenge on you!
Vendor-We will see about that!

Edgar-Gahahaha prepare! Here i come prey...
Edgar attacks vendor as vendor then gets ready and say
Vendor-Here he comes! concertate
Edgar makes steps...step step step
Just as edgar comes almoust near vendor then edgar makes illusion cross over and then
Vendor-Eh...what was that about!? Illusion again but...
Edgar is for some reason slowing down what s going on?
Step step step very slowly towards vendor and then vendor say
Vendor-What s going on here is it me or his speed is lowering?  still i must concertate
Then as vendor wondered what s going on as edgar s speed lowered then edgar reach vendor
Step step step he appears near vendor as edgar say
Edgar-Now i will beat you prey! He appears on right side
Vendor notices him as he concertate
Vendor-You wont!

Just as edgar starts using his sword at vendor its very slow then vendor grabs it
Grabs edgar sword!
Vendor-Woah that was easy as i tough heh...
Edgar pulls his sword off
Vendor!  He leaves the sword and then edgar
Edgar backtrack on his side as he say
Edgar-Gah! Will you ever lose prey your defense is pissing me off you know and i cant break it
Vendor-I will never lose!
Edgar-Well then lets see that as i...

Edgar swings with swords wind as he say
Edgar-How about this prey?
Vendor! He notices
Edgar the releases wind cutter at vendor then vendor
Vendor notices and he escapes from right side to left
Now next wind cutter comes from left then vendor notices and escapes and afther that edgar keeps doing more and more wind cutters and vendor still escapes unitil edgar gets very frustrated and say

Edgar-Pant...pant he just wont go down!
When edgar canted hit vendor at all as he wondered why he cant go down he asked him a question
Edgar-Why cant i hit you prey tell me just what s going on?
Vendor-Didnt you realise it just yet that your speed droped even i was surprised by that...
Edgar-What are you talking about there s no way this can happen!
Vendor-It can actually because your ability lowered by each seconds when you attacked me
Edgar-Thats  imposible!
Vendor-Now you see that i was right! and that s why this fight has no meaning its over
Edgar-Tch...whu said its over prey it wont be over when i say its over dont think that just because my ability lowered that i cant attack you!

Edgar attacks vendor while vendor strongly concertates and hits edgar
Vendor-Please edgar....stop this  he hits him with thunder fist in stomach
Vendor-Did you learn the lesson yet?
Edgar-Damn you prey!

Vendor in his mind say-His face now got even more darkness around just what is going on here?
Edgar-Gah! Arghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he keeps yelling i will never acept this prey you HEAR ME!

Boss-Edgar! stop this now dont you see what s happening?
Edgar turns at right side towards boss as he say-What?
Boss-You wont come no where with all this yelling dont you get it that you are losing?
Edgar-Boss i tryed to everything but he just wont go DOWN! Damit all
Boss-Then you are ussles completly i gave you one last chance to defeated him but you didnt
Edgar-No i am not! And i prove it to you!

Edgar attacks vendor as he yells-Prey you pay for this! you hear me
Just as edgar hits vendor then
Vendor in his mind-He will never learn
Then vendor goes right at him
Vendor-This ends now
Lighting crash
Edgar notices and cant escape because his speed droped as his face gets even more darker
Vendor-Lighting crash! ha!!!!
Edgar-Guah!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo shhhh bam fully hited and defeated as then something unexpected happens edgar try to give his all to stop as he fly backwards but cant he fell on floor
Vendor-Its enough edgar!

Edgar starts crying and say in his mind-How will i revive you mother?  i cant beat him
Edgar-What am i doing wrong here prey! Even with such power i got now isnt enough to beat you tell me!
Vendor-You wont achive anything from that
Edgar-What are you talking about?
Vendor-You see power is not everything you may lost the power and ability but you didnt lose confidence as true strenght only shows only that way you can understand things
Edgar-Gahahahaha hahahahahaha give me a break prey that kind of talk is old joke still...please spare me of that i want what i want and there s nothing else to understand all i want is to Save my mother but you are in the way!
Vendor-I dont think so and can you really trust your boss what he said about reviving your mother how can you be shure that s true?

Edgar-Gah...prey how many times will i tell you already i dont bother what it needs that countdown ends gahahahaha!
Vendor-You will never learn and i wont alow you to!
-I am going to stop this cannon before its count down ends-
Boss-Edgar do something!
Edgar starts to shake as he say in his mind-If he destroy the canon i cant revive my mother!
Edgar-Gahahahahahaa prey you wont destroy the canon!
Edgar swings with his sword the wind to keep vendor off and then
Vendor starts to shine as his defense appear he just walks like nothing happen
Edgar gets pissed and say
Edgar-Argh...dont you come near!
Vendor then say as he starts to unleash lighting wave
Vendor-Lighting wave! Ha

Just as almoust lighting wave reach  the canon something unexpected happens
Boss-Hahahaaha! You didnt expect this legendary spirit master!?
Vendor-What kind of sheild is this?
Boss-You see this sheild is to protect the base from your attacks and nobody can go through!
Vendor-Then i will break it!
Lighting wave!!! He keeps unleashing
Boss-You can do that how much you want but it wont work...
Vendor-I will keep doing this unitil this sheild goes down! HA!!!

Then unexpected happens
Computer zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Process almoust complete....preparing for launch!
What s going on?

Boss-Oh i see looks like it started finally my dream will come true!
Edgar-Gahahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahaha! Finally it finally happened
See now prey it looks like you didnt won i did and i will get my mother back when this count down ends!
Vendor-Gah i was to careless...
Edgar-Prey our fight was very interesting but now i am the real winner here gahahahaha!

Boss-Edgar whu said that you won?
Boss-You didnt defeat that boy as i see he still stands!
Edgar-I told you already i wont repeat my self twice...
Boss-I was very clear i said edgar and for that reason i even had to unleash the sheild to protect the ultimate canon but now since i am nice i must say that you keept him for good amount of time so i should thank you at least you showed worthy if nothing

Edgar-As you know i did that just because that you give me what you promised me! so dont think othewise...i did this for sport
Boss-Hahahaha...yeah i very much remember that i said but now finally i can unleash the ultimate cannon! as you enjoy the show while i take the uperhand!
Boss-And now its time to unleash the ultimate canon! hahahahaha
Edgar-So how long unitil you start it
Boss-Just a bit now!
Boss talked to edgar as he is going to unleash the canon as he walked towards the computer and then edgar say

Edgar-I am in a hurry boss revive my mother now just as you promised me!

just as boss heared what edgar said he started to laugh

Boss-Ahahahahaha i should thank you for keeping up for so long time edgar
Boss-It looks like you didnt hear me to well
Edgar-What is the meaning of this boss are you going to revive my mother already?
Boss-You are to naive to belive me that i can bring your mother back wake up!
Edgar-But you promised me dont you think that you..
Boss-Dont you get it edgar you was just the protector of the canon nothing else all this you belived about defeating this boy and reiving your mother was an big lie! and you should know it

Edgar-What did you say! No this cant be true tell me this isnt TRUE!!!
Boss-Belive it or not its more true that you might think now you can go dream while i get to unleash the ULTIMATE CANON AHAHAHAHAHAHA
Edgar-Nooooooooooooooo!!! You bastard you tricked me
Boss-Serves you right when you belive people to easy

Edgar s face keeps getting darker even more that before
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bastard!!! You pay for this he goes towards the boss as then vendor say
Vendor-This is getting out of hand!

Vendor-Edgar i know what he did to you but that s not the reason to beat him just let him go he will get his lesson enyways!
Edgar-Shut up! you know nothing Prey  his face gets even more darker as vendor then say

Edgar starts doing something as then...edgar s  face gets fully darker and he starts to transform
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znnshhhhhhh
Vendor-Just what is this thing!
Edgar-Arghaaaa! it HURTS
Vendor-That must be! Not it cant be

The darkness is now bursting around edgar while he got fully darker!
The darknes flash over the place as edgar gets into an unkown dimension!
And then...

Edgar floats in dark unkown dimension as he wakes up in a dark cage as he notice..
Edgar-Ugh...what is this am i dreaming?
Darkness-You shure dont as it looks like!
Edgar-What in the world...this place
Darkness-To get things straight this place is pure darkness look around
Edgar looks around as he say
Edgar-Just great...i needed that why cant i get out?
Darkness-Boy you cant get out of it
Edgar-LET ME OUT! I dont have time for this

Darkness-Gahahahahaah yeah get pissed that way you make me stronger!
Edgar-You seem familiar somehow! Where did i see you
Darkness-Boy its clear as a day this is 2nd time that we meet
Edgar-That s it now i know you! but i have your power ha!
Darkness-AHAHAHAHAHA now i get it so you are the one whu got it as i was almoust sealed
Edgar-Yeah i am!
Darkness-So you know what happens?
Edgar-What do you mean?

Darkness-You will get inside the dark cage and afther that i will get out ahahahahah
Edgar-Dark cage?
Darkness-I guess you arent realising it so i explain just as you obtained my power you becomed very darker because of light as you got very pissed you came here and for that price you enter in dark cage now get ready!

Afther edgar talked with darkness the darkness realised dark cage as then edgar say
Edgar-Damn you!
Darkness-Get more pissed yes!
Edgar-Ugh...and i just wanted to revive my mother sniff what will happen to me?
Darkness-You will become me! but before that happens i must tell you something interesting
Darkness-Its strange that you still didnt realise it the voice you heared when you was a kid!
Edgar-The voice when i was a kid...where did i hear that before

Chapter end

Finally the battle ended between vendor and edgar but unexpected happened the countdown ended as edgar becomed darker and got inside dark world as he remembers someone he fough before while dark spirit tell edgar about something before putting him in dark cage what could that be what he mention? Only time can tell
Spirit maker chapter 94 Harsh betreyal
Today i decided to upload new spirit maker chapter 94 and the chapter wasnt easy to write at all i had to re write it serval times and didnt know how to place some parts that it really confused me so i just little changed it since its hard because i got stuck but now i think that it looks good heh as well this chapter is very interesting since here things got very serius yet i wont spoil it so i hope you will like it my freinds
I wanted to make this anniversary on correct date witch was october 12 but i missed it i even didnt notice that i uploaded my first drawing on that day but never mind its never to late through so i decided to make this enyways so...yeah

Allright now to the main point!

Even so its to late but again never to late i decided to make it enywas so
The first drawing i uploaded on deviant art in 2009 and it was was my own character arisa
Yes its my own created character and this isnt just about the first drawing anniversary but Arisa as well!

and this is the first uploaded drawing i uploaded on deviant art on october 12!
here s the link

Arisa difrend uniform xd

I know its old but still this was my one of first drawings i uploaded on deviant art heh but i of course improved afther that
now to introduction
When i was creating arisa she looked like sara other character i made but later i decided that she should have diffrend hair style and finally afther that when i finished creating her i think it was 2008 or 2009 not shure cant remember but again
Her name is Arisa nogizaka an 14 years old girl
but now she became 18 years old officaly! yay

and next is her magical transformation and of course first sketch to!

A magical girl Arisa

This is very interesting design even so that later the style changed but again its protype of her magical uniform heh

Now since this is the first time that i make anniversary i decided to give an extra dialogue about arisa talking and it be funny!

Arisa-Hi my name is Arisa and i am 14 years old girl but as some time passed i becomed officaly 18 in october 12 yeah right my creator forgot my birthday << please dont blame him through he forgot but remember it today sigh again

Now what arisa likes and dislikes
Arisa likes cookies as she fight alot with her sister whu will get the cookies first
she doesnt like bad people even so she can be awkward but again she s hyper active girl to and of course she likes to play with her good freind named Miki!

Creator s note-I am very glad to make this 1st anniversary of my first drawing i uploaded on deviant art even so its not just about first drawing but my own made character called Arisa heh i hope you will like the journal i made
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Spirit maker chapter 93 The sheild of darkness

Finally afther everything vendor was going through he unleashed the legendary spirit maker to defeat edgar once and for all!
The light flashed all over the place as vendor unleashed legendary spirit maker and then the boss and edgar noticed him yet boss was very scared somehow of his apperance but edgar
didnt really bother he canted belive how can boss be scared of vendor when that means

nothing to him then the boss said to edgar to beat vendor but edgar didnt want that he order him around and that vendor may scare the boss but he wont be scared afther that vendor wondered about legendary spirit maker mode how it was an quick change in apperance still there s no time to think before vendor needs to defeat edgar and save shenna!

Then edgar said to vendor why is he spacing off and vendor told him how he s  just wondering about the change and edgar then said how this is just one of his jokes because he can do nothing and he will prove it with his special move then vendor didnt answer edgar again and made him pissed off just as he attacked vendor while vendor is ready to test his

legendary spirit maker then as almoust edgar reach vendor he said how he can do nothing againts his special attack while he was crossing vendor then vendor started to very easy escape his trust like it was nothing then edgar missed him in the last hit and was confused where vendor could be then vendor appeared out of blue saying are you looking for me edgar

canted belive how fast was vendor that he escaped every move he made so he asked vendor how was that possible as vendor told him that he doesnt know even him self but one thing is certain that he unleashed legendary spirit maker witch gave him an great advantage in speed yet again edgar wondered what transformation that could be because there s nobody faster that him he asked vendor whu is he?

Just as vendor answered him he said I am hope of the light legend of all legends and anything that shines through me is my way of showing the strenght and encouragment the light guides me through path i reach to defeat you once and for all and for that reason i am known as The legendary spirit maker!

Just as vendor told edgar he is the legandary spirit maker the boss feared him and said how he really is him! But edgar didnt bother he just tough how that s  just a trick he was saying and that he s  going to show him with his special attack that this was just talk then vendor told him

that he think he wants and that he gives a try if he doesnt belive him then edgar said how he want and that it will be painfull the he ever imaginated because no one jokes about his speed he is the fastest just as he attacked vendor then vendor dissapeared out of blue and edgar wondered where he could be then vendor appeared and said see now while edgar said it was

just a test to see if he s the real deal but it doesnt bother vendor then the computer was saying how there  s 8 minutest while edgar talked to boss and boss told edgar to finish this fight as edgar told vendor could he handle that  yet vendor has to finish this battle fast no matter what!
Then edgar started crossing again through vendor but vendor escaped very single trust witch

edgar made he didnt even realise that vendor is escaping then afther all trust from all sides he made then he jumped and unleashed his special move then vendor wondered that he still isnt realising that he is fast escaping and then vendor showed him that as he striked him before edgar hit him with his special attack!

And vendor showed edgar that the trick is real and that he isnt joking around edgar was very pissed because he though that he s  the fastest but in reality vendor is...
While vendor explained what he did actually edgar praised vendor for being an challange because nobody could last againts him as he is on a far another level vendor thanked him yet

again even so that vendor is strong he still didnt defeat edgar and that will need more...
Vendor wondered about the time and how he needs to end this battle quick so he can save shenna because there s 8 mints left so vendor told him how there s no time to lose and that wants to end this fight as edgar told vendor how he want to see that!

Yet vendor wasnt joking at all he just said just as edgar striked vendor showed edgar how serius he is because with his legendary spirit maker new ability he will defeat him while edgar was confused what vendor was doing when he was attacking him then vendor out of blue striked at edgar from all sides and finished him with his special move lighting trust as edgar

fell on the floor badly injured boss was very shocked then vendor told edgar that he didnt want that it ends like that even so he promised edgar that he will save him but he had no choice but the only thing he can do now is to save shenna!

Just as he said that then the boss said how edgar is disgrace but vendor told him how he cant talk about him like that because he is no better then the boss said that the older legendary spirit master may destroy the base but he wont then vendor told the boss how he entrusted by him to save the world then boss said how he is his disciple as vendor will stop him once and

for all then vendor walked towards shenna and boss was yelling that he stops while vendor said that he will finally save shenna something unxpected happened edgar calmy said how he isnt defeated vendor was confused how he can still be in a shape  boss then said how edgar is kind of in shape to fight that legendary spirit maker now will see but vendor didnt want to

fight enymore so he told edgar to stop this but as always edgar said how he didnt wont and that he can still fight then the boss said to edgar how could he lose as edgar answered him how he s sorry because he was careless and that he will fix it yet boss said to him what chance could he give him if he cant fight but edgar said how he has an surprise he tough of witch

didnt think he will need to use as boss was confused what was he talking about he told him how he has transformation to unleash and its all thanks to vendor that he got that ability boss asked edgar to show him that then edgar told him how he is going to introduce it while vendor wondered what was he talking about but he has no time to think because he needs to save

shenna then edgar realease an strange dark aura while vendor wonders what that could be he sensed as he noticed it to the dark aura on his sword as he yells to throw it away because it will manipulate him but edgar didnt bother and said that he noticed and how he wont because with this power he will be invincible vendor said is he even aware what he is doing and what

he means by transformation then edgar explained while vendor said how he is same as always being stumborn and how he is doing same thing when he turned dark to and that this wont pass through he is doing also  he will show how serius he is then edgar said how he finished his homework then edgar strated to transform while dark aura was flashing around

him while vendor looked with confidence face saying how now will come the wrost he just needed that but he will try and manage to something will vendor manage to save shenna and defeat edgar?
Only time can tell

This was crazy battle ever imaginated the battle of history just as vendor almoust beated edgar then edgar unleashed his trump card by transforming this will be harder that expect yet vendor will find a way to go through it because there must be way to defeat edgar and save shenna!

Vendor made a face palm as he said-Now comes the wrost ugh...i just needed that when i wanted to save shenna it looks like that it took much more that i tough

While vendor made a face palm and said that now comes the wrost it will be much harder that he expect to defeat edgar!
And then...

Edgar is still unleashing his transformation phuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zshhhhhhhhhhh!!!
The dark aura is still shining around him while...
They cover them self from the flashy aura witch edgar is making unitil the transformaing is still on going then vendor say in his mind

Vendor say in his mind while he covers with hands-Ugh...what an power this is the same felling i had before yet whu could expect this
As Vendor said how edgar  s power is impressive then edgar finish unleashing his transformation znnnnshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh phuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!!
The dark aura dissapears as vendor say

Vendor-Here he comes!
As the dust stops flashing the dark aura appears while edgar shows!
And he looks very diffrend to!

Edgar s right hand streching
Edgar s left hand streching
Now he shows he appears while he looks at his hands and wonders then he say in his mind!

Edgar in his mind-Gahahahaha! what an power this is beyond imagination now i can show prey his place i make him pay!
As edgar appeared and talked in his mind wondering about his power and how he will beat vendor what he did to him then vendor say

Vendor use right hand finger at edgar as he say-You look diffrend...

Edgar-Gahahahaha i see prey that you are impressed of my appearance?

Vendor-I dont think so

Edgar-Well then...i will show you how fearsome i am gahahahahaha!

Vendor in his mind say-Sigh he will never change will he...afther all i must do something to stop him yeah right

Edgar then talks to boss as he look behaind on right and ask
Edgar-Hey boss can i get the another chance to fix this fight because you see i am good as  new!

Boss-Since you asked...i may give you one more chance but this will be last so dont dissapoint me!

Edgar-Of course i will make shure that this doesnt happen again!!!
Just as boss and edgar talked then vendor looked then edgar say to vendor

Edgar-You see prey i got another chance now i can make shure that you get defeated this time and i will make shure that you will PAY WHAT YOU DID TO ME YOU HEAR ME!!!

Vendor-I see to make you try what ever it comes i am ready for it and i make shure to defeat you to!

Edgar-If you think that you can do anything then you have been mistaken! I am not the same enymore meet your!!!
Edgar attacks vendor!
Edgar-Meet your maker gahahaha
While edgar is almoust near vendor then vendor say
Vendor in his mind-This is it i must be carefull!

As vendor said in his mind to be carefull then edgar approach vendor with fast speed
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pshhhh
And then edgar gets back to his left side as he say in his mind
Edgar-Wow! This is amazing not just amazing its perfect whu could think of it that i will be much faster now but its hard to control it lets give it a try...
Edgar looks at vendor as he was speeding up then he yells
Edgar-Prey get ready! Because here i come gahahahahaha
Vendor-I am ready as you are!

Just as edgar appeared at vendor he try to strike and then....
Vendor sense his fast speed like nothing and he clash with edgar
Clashing hands! Zshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
They both move off to each side backwards

Vendor say in his mind-He is fast somehow...

Edgar-Good good it looks like that you managed to folow even so that i got a bit faster now

Vendor-Indeed...and yes i did notice you got a  bit faster but i am fast as well heh

Edgar-Gahahaha prey...i was just testing actually my skills and i have much more in store to show you actually

Vendor-I am ready as you are!

Edgar-Perfect then you will see my next blow prepare!

Edgar strikes again and then
Vendor prepares for edgar s attacked again as he is clashing again and vendor to go towards him clashing hands!

Vendor clash hand with edgar  and this time!
From each side they was clashing hands then they starts fighting as well and then
From right side vendor clashing hand with edgar and dissapear while appearing from another side witch is...
Left side they clash by hitting each other then vendor say

Vendor-Phew...this is going to be tough just as i expect but that wont put me down i just need to keep up!
As they sitll keep up clashing from all sides now then edgar say

Edgar-I can see that you are up to my speed gah...
Clash .... clash pshhhhhh tshhhhh!!! From right clash
From left clash now from up clash down clash and then...
Vendor-Ha!!!  approaching towards edgar from backwards side towards forward from right side
Edgar-Ha!!! approaching towards vendor from backwards side towards forward from left
As they apporach from each side they clash hands again with full blow and then....
Vendor moves back backwards afther clash
Edgar moves back backwards afther clash
As edgar looks at vendor with pissed off face then afther that vendor say

Vendor-What an fight....i am getting excited

Edgar-Gah will you never give up prey you are still keeping up!!!

Vendor-Not a chance there s no way i will give up no matter what because i will beat you!

Edgar-Gahahahaha that will take much more that this you do because you see i arent defeated and i am back much stronger what will you do?

Vendor I will find a way!

Edgar-Then show me!

Vendor-How you want it you get ready for my special attack ha!!!

Vendor attacks edgar!
Unitil edgar notices vendor s attack how he approach


Vendor then cross through edgar very fast as he starts to trust around him
First trust he cross on right side then from right side he moves to left and cross through unitil he keeps trusting something unexpected happens
Edgar has hard time while vendor trust through him unitil...

Edgar-No! just not this wont work for a second time prey!
While vendor cross through edgar unleash something
Edgar-Ha!!! zshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhh znnnnn!
-Dark barrier-
as edgar unleashed dark barrier then as vendor is trusting around him from up side he then...
vendor getting somehow stuck as he say in his mind-What ugh what is this!?
as vendor wondered what this could be he still keeps to trust around edgar but something doesnt feel right as he say! ugh cross through he try to push through but for some reason he cant reach vendor because he unleashed his sheild

Edgar starts to laugh at vendor as he say-Gahahahaha you will never reach me prey i becomed perfect defense!
Vendor then unleash his lighting trust as he tryed to trust but it doesnt work well

Vendor-Lighting trust! Ha!!! goo...
As vendor unleashed lighting trust at edgar it didnt work for some reason as he then jump down and edgar to

Vendor-What was that why my attacks isnt working?

Edgar-Didnt you notice yet prey that i was using an sheild of darkness!

Vendor-The sheild of darkness?

Edgar-Ugh...i give you an simple explanation then you see this sheild of darkness is an perfect example to show you that you cant reach me what ever you do it means nothing so your chance of attacking me is zero because my defense is absolute

Vendor-I must say this got me here but! There must be always a way to break it and i make shure to find a way to do it!

Edgar-Gahahahaha this will be interesting to see that yet as i said your chance is below zero and i doubt it that you can do anything because time is running still if you forgot?

Vendor-Yeah right...

Edgar-Good good...prey it looks like that i got the upper hand now because anything you do is ussles!

Vendor-Not for long because i will show you!
Vendor go towards edgar with fast speed while edgar  say

Edgar-Prey leave it be...
Just as vendor hit edgar almoust then he unleash the sheild of darkness again!

Vendor-Ha! thunder fist! Direct attack at edgar yet somehow...
It didnt work vendor try to push it through

Vendor-Go through! Ha!!! still is trying to push with his hand the sheild of darkness witch edgar unleashed yet it doesnt work then vendor say in his mind
Vendor notice something while saying in his mind

Vendor saying in his mind-What is this feeling? The dark thing is same i had before but i must not let it affect me i just need to remember the training witch spirit master taugh me

Flash back
Spirit maker-Yong one you must concertate withoud having eny though as you concertate because if you let the dark pressure stress you it will break the concertation!
Vendor-I understand! Spirit master i will do my best to do it right...
Vendor is unleashing thunder fist while the dark pressure is trying to irritate him but he doesnt alow it to distract him as he concertates!
Vendor-Ha! concertate

Edgar-Gahahahaha prey just stop it you see that it isnt working now!
Then vendor notice something while he try to use thunder fist

Vendor-Ugh...what s this?

Edgar-Stay off! He push vendor off with sheild of darkness vibration
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh s bam

Vendor-What the!? Ugh he gets  little winded off as he try to get an balance he go backwards by jumping then go on floor

Edgar-Gahahahaha now you see prey i am the absolute defense you cant reach me

Vendor-Ugh...this vibration of yours and gravity shure is a challange

Edgar-You noticed this fast prey gahahaha didnt you?

Vendor-Of course yet i will find a way to break your sheild no matter what!

Edgar-I want to see that actually prey gahahahahaah dont joke around ok i will be good and give you an another offer what do you think?

Vendor-An offer?

Edgar-Listen carefully i will say this just once! I give you 4 mints to break my sheild of darkness but  if you dont then i doubt it that you cant do anything and as i know this will be my victory

Vendor-Well that s an interesting offer and i  make shure to give it my all to break your sheild before time

Edgar-Now show me!

Vendor-I shure will!

Vendor say in his mind-This wont be easy i need to think of strategy because for some reason i cant hit him that vibration and gravity is hard to deal with and that dark thing witch try to break my concertation ugh but there must be a way but what?

Vendor-I must try this if it will i go
Vendor unleash lighting wave at edgar sheild of darkness

Vendor-Lighting wave ha! as vendor unleashed lighting wave it reach edgar  s sheild of darkness unitil he just blocks and absorb it zshhhhh znnnnn then edgar say

Edgar-Gahahaha prey what are you trying to do this is nothing...

Vendor say in his mind-Now this is serius i didnt think that he can absorb magical elements this wont be easy i must think of something diffrend many things i must not let that i get distracted think....think

Edgar-Prey will you do something time is running i dont have all day...

Vendor-Sorry about that...ugh vendor then keeps talking in his mind
Vendor-Wait a moment i remember something what gohan told me what was that again?

Flash back
Gohan-Kid you need to use your skill at right time and concertate while you are doing at center side
Vendor-Yes! I get it now but i have an question about for example if magical element is being absorbed what should i do
Gohan-That s a tough one kid if an magical element is being absorbed then you must try to unleash lets say you use lighting wave so it can be in handy try it it can bring wonders if you unleash it so many for other things you will find by your self... always but thanks now i know what to do!

Vendor-Thats  it now i remember gohan told me  i can try thunder wave but he will again absorb it but this is just for a test and this time more i will unleash yes!

Vendor-Lighting wave ha!

Then as edgar blocked vendor s lighting wave vendor starts unleashing more of it

Vendor-Lighting wave! Seperate ha
Vendor makes an lighting cricle of his lighting wave by unleashing it at edgar as then it hits
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znnnnn

Edgar-This is...nothing   and just as it starts hits him seperate times

Vendor-HA ha ha ha HA!

Edgar-What!?  the sheild of darkness is vibrating and for some reason shaking
Tsh tsh ....shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pshhh znnshhhhhhhhh phuhhhhhhhhhhhh

Vendor-Did i do it?
The dust removes shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and edgar still stands with sheild of darkness having no scrach around but...

Vendor-I guess not sigh...

Edgar-Ugh...this gave me a headache yet you still didnt break it

Vendor-There is always a way to do it right i just need more time!

Edgar-As i said there s 4 mintues you have and it looks like the time is getting much less hury up before its to late

Vendor-I will make shure i give you my word....
Then vendor as he talked to edgar again say in his mind

Vendor-Hmm...for some reason his sheild was shaking but it didnt do anything what should i do next...
Then edgar s sheild of darkness go off as vendor then keep saying in his mind...

Vendor-Huh...his sheild is off now what that could mean wait a min!

Flash back
Gohan-If you unleash more times your lighting wave ability it can give you wonders otherwise other stuff you must find by your self..

Vendor saying in his mind-I have an great has to work i will count

Vendor-Sorry for the wait here i go!  Lighting wave cricled version of energy ha!!!
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znnnnn approaching at edgar
Then edgar again unleash the sheild of darkness
He absorbs the lighting wave as he say-Edgar-Are you even trying!

Vendor-Ha!!! ha ha ha  he keeps unleashing more lighting wave as he starts to count in his mind
Vendor-Ha  1....
Then another lighting wave as he say
Vendor-Ha 2!
Edgar say in his mind-What is he even trying?
Then another 3...Ha!!!
4th time lighting wave!
Vendor-Ha!!!!!!! 5th time
Now comes 6th time Lighting wave!!!
And last...

Vendor-Here goes nothing! Ha!!!!!!! Lighting wave! 7th time hits edgar

Edgar-Argh.....   the sheild of darkness is shaking like crazy but still has no damage but something strange happened afther this

Vendor say in his mind-Please work!
The dust removed of the lighting cricles  as edgar sheild of darkness dissapears

Vendor-Great! just as i tough his sheild of darkness weakness is that it last for 7 seconds so i have 7 seconds to hit him this wont be easy but i can give it a try

Edgar-Prey stop using this over and over i am pissed off...

Vendor-Ups i overdit it a bit but i found your weakness!

Edgar-You think that my sheild of darkness have weakness eh dream again...
Vendor-No i mean it for real!

Edgar-If you want to dream how you can do that then prove it?

Vendor-Yes i will!

Vendor say in his mind-Well now i know what to do his sheild of darkness last for 7 seconds just as expected now i will make shure to defeat him before time but i have to be carefull of his sheild of darkness ability to push me away...

Just as vendor realised what he needs to do when he found edgar s weakness then he makes an strategy and then

Vendor attacks edgar-Ha! with full speed using lighting wave

Edgar then unleash the sheild of darkness and absorb it...

Vendor say in his mind-Great he didnt even notice what i am trying to do i just need to keep this up  and count
Vendor again go around edgar very fast from right side unleashing lighting wave... 2 sec
Edgar again absorb it
And as vendor keep up doing it again then 3 sec...
Lighting wave from top side 4 sec and then...
Vendor stops and attacks edgar dirrect!

Vendor-Ha!!! thunder fist
Vendor hits edgar by pushing through 5 sec

Edgar-You are doing this again...prey i told you this wont work i just push you away

Vendor-Not on my watch! Haaaaa! 6 sec
And then something unexpected happens

Edgar-Now you really pissed me off! Ha he push off vendor
Vendor fly backwards then jump from top to down as he starts to laugh then 7 sec passed


Edgar-Why are you laughting when you know there s no way to break my sheild?

Vendor You see when i show you! HERE I GO!!! I break your sheild this time
Edgar-Dream on...
Just as 7 seconds passed edgar still didnt realise as vendor say in his mind

Vendor-Perfect he didnt realise it that 7 second passed now s my opporunity to strike i give my all into this move
Vendor again attacks edgar with full speed unleashing!


Edgar-Just stop it already
Vendor hits edgar as he try to push through and then-flash fist
Go gogo go!
As vendor is trying to push it through then edgar say

Edgar-It looks like that you lose here i push you AWAY! Then something happens as he try to do that...
While vendor is pushing through Ha!!!!

Edgar-What!?  the sheild of darkness dissapears...and then

Vendor in his mind-This is it! His sheild dissapeared i will give it my all to crash his sheild

Vendor-Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znnnnnnnnnnn
Lighting flash fist full power! Ha!!!!

Edgar-arghaaa! He tryes to hold it but it doesnt work when the sheild of darkness weakned and starting fully dissapearing

Edgar-I cant push him awwayay ugh damit!
His sheild of darkness now fully dissapears and breaks and then

Vendor-Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   vendor cross through vendor sheild and hits him! With confident face

Edgar-Ugha!!!! He flyes backwards  as he then gets a bit wounded but...he then as he fly to backwards side push his right hand and unleash a dark wave witch gets him back on the floor then vendor say

Vendor say in his mind-Yes! I did it it worked this time i was right afther all

Edgar-Cough cough...he got me here sigh

Vendor-Now you see your defense isnt absolute no more i showed you that i can break it! What do you think now!?

Edgar starts to heal out of blue as he say-Congratulations prey you managed to find a way to hit me i must say that gahahahaha...but sorry to dissapoint you i am good as new now!

Vendor-Well thanks and you healed how is this possible that you still stand?

Edgar-This you see is not all i can do witch you currently saw the sheild of darkness but i can as well recover my wounds from any attack

Vendor-And i tough that this battle will be over fast least i showed you how i breaked your sheild heh but with this power you have will be very hard to handle but as i said i will beat you no matter what!

Edgar-Prey i am just getting serius currently you didnt see anything just yet and i am shure this wasnt your all either show me your real power!

Vendor-Well i guess i have no choice that to show you! Ha!
Edgar-Perfect now fight me! show me everything you have and dont dare to hold back because i wont either gahahahahha

Vendor-No matter what happens i will give my all  and i will beat you

What an great fight and strategy vendor made just as edgar unleashed dark transformation vendor had trouble with his sheild of darkness yet vendor found the weakness of it witch was 7 sec and finally hit edgar but now they both are getting serius to finish this battle once and for all will vendor manage to defeat edgar? only time can tell
Spirit maker chapter 93 The sheild of darkness
Today i decided to upload an new spirit maker chapter witch i worked on more that just once and re writted it as well even so its not the best because of lack of inspiration but still i found a way how to make it better still i did and i managed to finish it yay and now i am finally uploading the spriit maker chapter 93 hope you will like it my freinds
Yeah people dont belive me that i have an conidition when i tell them they just randomly dont care and say rude words like why and what s wrong even ask me why did you tell me that and that s not all

They whould say that i fake it to when they use negative words what s wrost of wrost i whould never do that i hate lieing lieing is bad

and my conidition is very real and hardly enyone cares

also when they hurt me

as they just whould say that i am over reacting or that i am to sensetitive that whould be their excuse talking behaind my back witch is very rude

My condition isnt a joke! and should be taken serius because it hurts every single day

If they whould whould care that whould be nice but that s just self centered and selfish to tell a person that someone fakes a condition witch is actually real and bad to how it affect

My condition is very real! dont call it fake
even so you cant see it that it hurts because that hurts psyhically!

How you whould feel that you get blood pressure every single day yes every single day when person say negative words withoud caring and that hurts very bad and asking why when i am hurt that s very wrong

People cause me blood pressure when they are negative and rude towards me and then it triggers blood pressure in my stomach so i guess think a bit you say when you answer

And i will say it again!
Think before saying anything when you start talking mean stuff withoud even caring you dont know how that hurt me when you are rude...

I get very worried what people will say because i am scared of them that they will judge me and when people dont reply me back at all i get very frustrated and pressured even depressed

When i say that i am scared it means that when i meet a person will judge me and treat me bad because alot people dont understand others and are just rude withoud even caring how other people feel even so you say something nice that you care i dont trust them because they hardly even cared i just explained!

not just on negative words triggers it but when i get depressed to so enyone whu say that i fake my condition need to realise how serius this is but again nobody will care

Also never say such words like

1-Calm down (I cant calm down when i am hurt saying that will make it worse)
2-Dont bother with them
3-You can ignore them
4-Go out
5-Can i do anything for you
6-Take pills
7-Go to doctor
8-You need help
9-Its all in your head
10-You are control freak
11-Stay strong

Now when i explained what to not say did you take your time to read it?
or you hardly care to read it as you just read my journal random?
I dont think so if you really care read my journal fully including what not to say so yeah this isnt something to be joked about

And dont go just i readed the journal and then you understand no you dont you hardly even cared to read i just said

You just cant say your condition will get better if i am suffering from it
it will get better dont worry etc...its very wrong to say that
i cant get better at all unitil blood pressure hurts and saying eny non sense like why are you hurt also will make it just worse

Dont even try say Go to doctor
Never ever!

That s very wrong to say and it affect me because i cant control my blood pressure while people just keep saying rude words i explained not to say will just make it worse

And while i have blood pressure i get very tired and i cant hear well or concertate to  unitil blood pressure stops
but if you keep being a jerk i will just get worse witch will even cause me an panic attack! so yeah take this seriusly

Still dont belive me?

Then how about this
You say an bad word eny negative like
You are just faking your condition
now what happens?
I get blood pressure in my stomach witch cause me hyperventilation witch makes stomach very tigh and it wont stop unitil some hours
Do you get it now seriusly!!!!
how can that be fake if blood pressure is hurting?

That s very wrong instead you say this
I hope you will get better i am here for you

also if you care you need to take my condition seriusly because its horrible and i cant control it again

Now did you care to read i just explained about journal?
or you just readed half of it to explain only about you and hardly cared i said then you will hardly get i said

Take people with condition seriusly!

so yeah this is why i wrote the journal because i am pissed of such people whu dont care
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Spirit maker chapter 92 Legend of all legends the spirit maker of light

To not be confused of the title Legend of legends means something what is legendary based and its with light shining trough

The story so far... Vendor is being confident that he will save shenna for shure this time afther the clash and story of edgar of his childhood he never understood!
But edgar was not even caring what vendor is saying he learned nothing what vendor said to him...unitil edgar told him how he will unleash his real power and that it wont be easy this
time to keep up with speed

Vendor said how he already knew that this will happen but still he is confident that he can keep up with edgar speed again edgar didnt bother vendor is saying and he talked how he s finally ready to unleash his real power!
As edgar unleashed his real power then vendor remembered his old days when he had trouble

to keep up with that speed but this time is diffrend... because he belive that he can do it no matter what
Then edgar told vendor how he will say something before he fight him witch was actually the boss he spoke off about the launch to use shenna s energy to revive his mother he asked the

boss how long will it take to do that and the answer was 10 min and he was ok with that range of time to defeat vendor but boss told him that he has to finish him quick again edgar was pissed that boss stop telling him what to do as edgar tells vendor how boss told him that he will need 10 min to unleash shenna energy he said that he wont even need 2 min but vendor

didnt bother because he knows he can do it again edgar still think that vendor is no match for him and that he has to fear him still there was no time to lose because vendor has to save shenna before she gets extracted!
As vendor started to concertated he said how there  s no time to be wasted and to concertate

unitil edgar strikes at vendor rushing with full speed while vendor had a tough that he was faster just as before but he has a way to keep up with his speed then edgar saw how vendor concertates still but he knew it that s why he decided an tactic to use as he moves around in seperate directions left and right as vendor heared his footsteps while he concertated edgar is

thinking that he is scaring vendor but he was wrong vendor stay still as he concertated and edgar got very pissed at him because of that  he decided to put him on  a test as edgar told vendor how he will defend as he hit vendor with his sword while vendor focused while

vendor decided to give edgar an advantage as edgar hit him witch was an illusion actually edgar got impressed but vendor knew that it was an illusion then edgar hits from left side and this time for real!
Then edgar finally hits vendor with his sword while vendor concertates he can see his footsteps nearing from right side as something strange happened he got almoust hit by edgar

how fast he striked but as result vendor catched edgar sword with his hands!
Edgar was very confused what s going on as vendor move his hands off the sword and edgar go backsliding vendor tough how close this was when edgar hit him with his sword when he grabbed it the sword then edgar got very impressed again by vendor s skills even with his real

power as he think that vendor bearly did it to grab his sword then vendor thanked him how hard it was to catch his sword in his full speed but edgar made it clear how this was a test and not a joke vendor was kind of confused about his reply unitil edgar said to him that this was an test to see if he can keepu up with him and how he baerly did it if he remember the

illusions he did before in his first fight when he defeated him vendor remembered he tough of when he talked about illusions in his first fight edgar said that he remembered how fearsome he is but vendor didnt leave his guard and he know that he can do it even so he lost his  guard bearly edgar told him how his defense will be broken when he see even faster illusion in his

current mode then vendor told him that he has perfect defense to protect him from that illusion edgar told vendor to stop talking and fight then vendor said that he is ready as he is unitil he heared unexpected voice!
The strange voice was the robot witch started the countdown and vendor was he

said what the and edgar was happy how the extraction started  shenna was yelling inside screaming and the boss said how extraction started of windbloom princces vendor was very pissed and shenna said sorry to vendor and edgar was even more happier seeing how the countdown is starting to see his mother again as he defeats vendor but vendor told him that

there s no chance but edgar told him that he wont need 10 min to beat him and that he is coming and then the unexpected voice appears again and starts the count down...
Vendor then said in his mind how shenna is being extracted but he cant lose his concertation and focus if he want to save her as he concertate edgar come very near vendor while he folow
his footsteps then edgar provocate vendor if he can see him as he hits as vendor say while he

hits how this must be an illusion he didnt move at all and tryed something when he unleashed lighting wave and belived that it be illusion witch was really an illusion and edgar dissapeared edgar tough of vendor as being clever but this was not all edgar had in store for vendor and ask him if he remembers but vendor doesnt answer and say in his mind how he is unleashing

that move and that he has to be extremply carefull then edgar said how vendor is not answering him and that he will break vendor s defense then edgar decide to unleash duplicate illusions witch is even stronger to confuse vendor and that he talks when he breaks his defense then edgar make his steps as vendor concertate and notice his footsteps serval of them and he ask him self witch is the real one while edgar moves around he keeps talking how he is

here and there to confuse vendor from serval sides left right but vendor didnt let that this happen because he must focus and feel the natural energy as edgar come very near vendor with serval illusions vendor is thinking how he has to concertate still while edgar started talking how it will be over soon as he strikes and vendor notices the multiple shadows around him witch edgar is making while vendor is deeply concertating at edgar shadows unitil edgar

tryes to hit vendor in directions with his multiple shadows then vendor think of an plan by unleashing lighting wave at all directions rotated around!
Then edgar tells vendor how he cant find him and that this is the time to defeat him edgar then strikes at vendor from unkown range as vendor concertate at 4 edgar s multiple shadows and
notice from where he is actually hitting witch was right side!

Then Vendor said that edgar is hitting from straight on while edgar approached him vendor laughted and edgar said how vendor finally started to talk but the smile wont be funny enymore edgar said then edgar hit while  vendor noticed edgar with his sword and say its
over... then something unexpected happens Vendor got it from straight on side he grabed
edgar swords almoust  he said how this is impossible that he did it again and said that he has

to be faster as he moves from other side at vendor to hit him while vendor escapes again while he slips and edgar then say how vendor wont be lucky this time then vendor say how he has to react fast while edgar hits him from other side while he hits vendor focus as edgar finally hits
then vendor grabs edgar sword and say to him whu s being lucky now!?
Edgar got pissed how he got his sword all over again then edgar said how he admits it but one

thing he forgot something edgar did vendor said what then edgar explained him by showing
his hand right at his cheek witch was cuted by edgar sword vendor canted belive how could
this happen becasuse he caugh his sword and edgar explained that when he holded his sword
as he grabed it he cuted him each time he holded it but vendor was confident even with this cuts didnt bother him because he grabed his sword then edgar tells vendor that he think that

this was funny how his defense has an opening then vendor say that he got him and  how he will fix it then edgar got very pissed how vendor stands up what ever he does and how he must think of something to beat him then he tough of an plan witch skills will be of use...
Then edgar tells vendor how it will be hard to fix his so called defense when he unleash his special move while vendor said how he dont think so and get confused then edgar explains

him about his attack he is going to unleash witch wasnt used for an long time since he didnt have the opportunity to do it that s why he will be perfect example but vendor didnt let off his confidence and told him that he will stop it! As edgar tell vendor how he didnt tell him later how he didnt explain it how strong ultimate attack is but vendor didnt at all bother by that he was still confident by saying to bring it on what ever it is while edgar was interested vendor

said still he said how it will be his last then the battle starts as edgar decide to attack and disspear in wind around him by making a noise then vendor say what is he trying to do was it power up or something else yet again vendor needs to concertate to sense edgar  s movements while edgar is bursting around him then he decided to unleash his skill witch was speedway attack as he said to vendor to prepare because he s coming while he said that edgar rush at

vendor by full speed then vendor needed to concertate at full power to sense every edgar s movement he made as aura was bursting yet again edgar speed was very fast witch vendor was noticing them by concertating at every step witch was like water somehow it was very hard to track edgar speed movements yet again vendor didnt lose his concertation and said

how he still needs to concertate he wont lose his focus by trying his best unitil edgar go to left side and disspear while vendor noticing him how edgar go from left to unkown side while vendor still tracked edgar s movements it was so hard then edgar decided to talk as he make fool out of vendor by tell him how he like that but vendor didnt let him that he made fool out of him and ignored his provocation while vendor concertated he used even stronger high

version of it to have better vision of edgar s foosteps witch was good advantage and tactic then edgar moves at all sides as he said how the playtime is over he decided to attack! Witch kind of confused vendor because edgar stoped then edgar started to move in cricle while vendor said how this is the same thing again but faster still vendor has to focus as he

concertate then edgar moves fast at full speed around vendor in cricle vendor noticed his steps witch was crazy fast and then edgar decided to strike as edgar said that before he attack s vendor that it was an great battle and how is going to defeat him with his special attack yet vendor dont think so he will because he didnt win just yet because he has still his natural

senses to unleash full potential of it to sense edgar then edgar decided to become serius as vendor didnt leave his guard when he use natural senses as edgar go around vendor then he decided to come out then vendor is confused where edgar is and that s why vendor unleash his full power to find edgar with his natural senses concertation but edgar says that is over  how vendor needs to admit his defeat because he cant find him and that he is going to finish this

then he rush from no where then vendor still use his full power conceration where aura burst gets stronger then edgar come out with vendor s full power he has ability to see edgar even with his full speed! Witch is stronger vision of edgar how he run in cricle then edgar decided to talk as he comes near vendor that he s here that he feel his special attack... then vendor
noticed edgar with his full power conceration from back side to stop him no matter the cost then edgar hits vendor from back side with his sword while vendor tells him that he wont and

try to stop his sword but edgar notice that he s keeping up then both are using their strong power as edgar go from all sides again vendor notices from right side edgar s attack and stop him then Vendor  moved from right side to forward tapping edgar s sword as he passed trough then edgar go from left side and again vendor strongly sensed edgar s movment witch came

from left strongly then vendor say from left side edgar is attacking as vendor taps his sword from left to right vendor moved then  edgar crossed trough another side then edgar stops edgar then edgar again attacks from back side full speed but vendor concertates and folow his
foodsteps they both are crashing up and folowing each other every edgar s footsteps is folowed and edgar still from diffrend sides try to hit vendor but vendor escapes and taps edgar s sword with full power natural energy then edgar stops vendor is confused where he could be

now how he stoped and where he could be as edgar strikes from unkown side then vendor said how he knew it that he didnt stop he was actually attacking from top side! Then edgar talks as he says to feel his finisher attack! Then as edgar striked vendor noticed him at full speed witch made an crazy wind wooshing around then edgar unleashed his finisher witch was called Dimensional sword infinity! Then vendor quickly notices him and say how he needs to

focus as edgar almoust hited vendor with full speed  then vendor said how he needs to think of something before he hits then vendor decided to unleah his ability called Lighting crash right at him while edgar is attacking vendor with his sword they both clashed and vendor said how he wont go trough yet again edgar pushed edgar sword and then something unexpected happened vendor managed to caugh edgar sword as edgar questionated vendor how he cant

move for some reason he asked how did that happen vendor laughed how he stopped his special move but how did he do that!? but vendor answered him that he unleashed his full power natural senses when he talked about defense then edgar move off and go backtrack as vendor left his sword edgar cant belive how this could happen that he can stop his special move witch price was greater but vendor answered him laughting that he knows but edgar

said how his special and didnt work yet again he did scrach vendor all around and if he unleash once again his special attack it wont be that easy as before to keep up then vendor in his mind said how he exousted him self from concertating the natural energy by envading edgar s special attacks so he came with an idea to get on time unitil he at least little recover

then vendor say how edgar did cause him scrach around as he defended but again it wasnt big deal to him but to edgar didnt look what vendor said since scrach told him other story and that there s  no way to defend from new blow that s why edgar told him to give up but vendor said no he never will give up no matter what even if it hurts he will stand up and fight then edgar said that he is a fool that he doesnt know with what he is dealing with as he gave him

opperunity to give up while vendor told him that he will defeat edgar no matter what and save shenna then edgar got pissed and told him that he is yet at it again as he will defeat him with next blow as he get s more scrach still vendor is shure that he can do it because he has an special surprise in store but edgar said what surprise could he possible have to stop his blow

so he should get down to reality because this isnt a fairy tale so he should give up because edgar is tired of it then vendor told him how that is very real surprise he has to show! Then
vendor gets up and raise his spirit ball... as he say see now! edgar wondered what this could be then he got a tough that he do remember what he is actually doing then vendor told him

that he is going to unleash legendary spirit maker then boss say this could not be true vendor said as edgar say wont he become that dark thing again if he do that but vendor told him he
cleared that darkness as he beated him self to achive it to stop him once and for all to save edgar from darkness but edgar didnt care at all vendor said that he will have only one path and
that is to save his mother as he use shenna and beat s vendor with his next blow as light still shines vendor said that he will show him the right path and that its time to unleash the legendary spirit maker!
Will vendor manage to beat edgar with legendary spirit maker!? and save shenna... only time can tell

Finally the battle is at stake the battle climax vendor vs edgar an hard battle vendor afther having trouble with edgar s special attack   but now its time for a clash as vendor is finally unleashing  the  Legendary spirit maker! transformation

The light is flashing all over the place wooshhhh shhhhhh
as boss and edgar cowered them self then the light stops flashing... Vendor showed as the light dust dissapeared  With confidence smiling
then boss looks at him and starts to tremble and say! this is impossible it cant be him
while boss was kinda in fear then he turns his head to right towards boss and say
Edgar in his mind-I never saw boss this frightened before...
Edgar-Boss what s the big deal here!? This is nothing that an light show
Boss-Edgar! defeat him hurry!
Edgar-Dont order me around i know that my self prey  may scare you boss with  change but he  aint scaring me! gahahahahaha

Afther boss was feared about vendor s apperance edgar didnt even bother and then vendor is wondering about his transformation when he say
Vendor-Woah so that s what spirit master meant when he said about transformation being easy to unleash this is quite a change but there s no time to think about change because i have to defeat edgar and save shenna!
Edgar-Are you spacing off arent you prey?
Vendor-Nope i am just wondering about the change heh because now i know i can defeat you
Edgar-That s another of your jokes prey arent it gahahaha i think that i already told you there  s nothing you can do just as i said before when i unleash my special attack you will be history prepare and be defeated because i am coming....

As vendor wondered about his transformation then edgar said that he is spacing off but vendor said he s just wondering about transformation then edgar said to him that this is a  joke and that he is going to defeat him as he attacked him!
Edgar rush at vendor!

Vendor...  doesnt answer him at all
Edgar-Again! Argh you are pissing me off prey i will slay you in pieces you hear me!!! then edgar strikes at vendor
Vendor-Here he comes! its time to test this new mode
Edgar then reach vendor with his speed and say-Its over prey there s nothing you can do as i unleash my special attack!

Then edgar starts rush around vendor  and doing again the fast speed crossing trough vendor
As edgar again started to do fast crossing vendor was concertating  then
something unexpected happened
Edgar made First cross on right side at vendor then... vendor escapes with no thinking  as he go a bit far then he say

Second cross on left again vendor gets hang of his speed and escapes from left to up and say
Vendor-Huh...i feel much ligther
then edgar go from back side vendor notice him very quick
Third cross fourth cross...
edgar isnt even realising that vendor is just escaping very fast and then edgar jumps into air and say
Edgar-Feel my special attack!

Vendor notices him very quick as he say in his mind-Here he comes i am shure of it to escape from his attack! This time!
Then edgar from air hits vendor but again...
While edgar hited from air vendor moved very fast!
Edgar hited nothing and say-Where did he go
Boss-Edgar...behaind you!
Edgar looks behaind and say-What!? when did he...

Vendor-Are you looking for me!? did you escape so fast my special attack this is just impossible tell me!?
Vendor-I dont know my self but with this new transformation shure gave me an great advantage in speed! Still its little hard to use it...
Edgar-An transformation you say!? But that is just impossible nobody is faster that me this must be some sort of trick whu are you actually tell me!?

Vendor-I am hope of the light legend of all legends and anything that shines trough me is my way of showing the strength and encouragement the light guides me through path i reach to defeat you once and for all for that reason i am know as THE LEGENDARY SPIRIT MAKER!

Boss in fear saying in mind-So its true then he is the legendary spirit maker damit just damit all!!!
Edgar as he heared what vendor said he looked at boss wondering how he can be so frightene still of vendor appearance as he say

Edgar-Legendary spirit maker? eh you are again on with that light showing  prey you may again scare the boss with that little story but that isnt going to work on me there s no chance in defeating me  and i will prove it with my special attack that this you did just now was just a trick...gahahahahaah

Vendor-Think you want but i stay on my speech and i am shure of it about i just said it if you dont belive it then you should give it a try!?
Edgar-How you want it prey...dont say i didnt tell you later because this will be painfull that you ever imaginated!
Then edgar strikes at vendor
Edgar-Nobody will ever joke with me or my speed you HEAR ME PREY NOBODY!!! I AM THE FASTEST
While edgar said that nobody will insult his speed as he striked at vendor he is still going towards when and then...

Vendor notices edgar from right side just as edgar almoust hits him then...
Edgar cross trough vendor not even realising what s happening!
Vendor dissapear in unkown direction
Edgar-What the!? I missed him again...
Vendor appears again out of blue on the left side and say
Vendor-See now...
Edgar looks left and say-I must give you a credit for that! but sadly i was just testing you prey gahahahah do you really think that i unleashed special attack now didnt you!? nope the real deal just comes now!
Vendor-Actually it doesnt bothers me at all...
Edgar-How you wanted!

Then something strange happens
ZZZZZZSHHHH the robot says-8 minits till launch!
Edgar/Boss hears the voice
Boss-We are almoust there! Edgar you know what to do?
Edgar-Yes i know! See prey this is i just talked about the real deal there s 8 minits can you handle it
Vendor-Of course...i will end this quick! And  save shenna
Edgar-Good good...then show me then how you will do it!
Edgar strikes at vendor laughting-Gahahahahah show me your so called power!

Vendor-You asked for it!
Edgar strikes at vendor with his full power crossing trough
First cross on right side vendor notices and escapes to left
Second cross on left side vendor go from left to right
Third cross from straight side vendor move above
Fourth cross from back side then vendor moves to left

Edgar jump into the air and say-Now its time for my finisher attack to end this battle this time! I wont miss you hear me!
Vendor in his mind-He still doesnt realise it...i guess i must show him that i am not joking!?
As edgar strikes at vendor then vendor do something very strange
Vendor jumps at edgar while edgar is unleashing his special attack and then!

Vendor hited edgar out of blue as he dissapears while edgar isnt even noticing him...
Edgar hits the ground and wonders as he say-Huh...
Vendor appears again from right side as he laugh
Edgar-What did he just do!?  What the...guah!!!
Boss-AAAAAA....what in the world just happened!
Vendor-Whu is joking now! as you see the trick is real

Edgar-Damn it all!!! This cant be true i know that i am the fastest still but you are faster even that my self...ugh afther all you stoped my special attack withoud even blink just what did you do tell me prey!?
Vendor-Well to explain it short way just as i was going towards you as you hited me while you striked with your sword i hited you pushing your sword little left as i unleashed lighting crash it was a bit fast trough heh...
Edgar-Ahahahahahaa great....just perfect you really did become an challange i must admit it prey! So far nobody could do anything againts me but you...are on far another level
Vendor-Well thanks...i did my best

Edgar-Mhm still you may me stronger that me but no matter what you do you still didnt defeat me prey you will need more that this gahahahahah!
Vendor in his mind-Damn the times is running and i still didnt managed to defeat edgar i must be quick there s 8 minits left afther all!
Vendor-There is no time to lose! Lets end this battle edgar i will finish this and then i will save shenna for shure!!!
Edgar-Well then we see it as you just i come prey! He strikes at vendor and then
Vendor-I am not joking at all! Its over edgar i am going to defeat you with all my might
Edgar as he strikes he wonders as he gets  confused vendor said then vendor
Vendor-This is it with this move i am going to end  this battle as i defeat you! ha!!!!
Edgar while striking says-huh!?

Vendor strikes at him still very fast attacks as speed of lighting as he cross at edgar
From back side to forward side hitting edgar with his new attack!
Now vendor forward side to upwards where he hited edgar as he cross
Then he goes from right upwards side hitting edgar as he crossed him
Afther that he turned from right to left side as he continusly is crossing edgar from all sides! And then

Vendor-Now its time for my....special attack!
-Lighting trust-
Edgar-Guaaaaaah!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Impossble...
Boss-No!!! This cant be true..
Edgar falls on the floor defeated
Vendor goes back upwards side to downside very fast as appears again as he looks at edgar
He walked towards him
Edgar-cough cough...

Afther vendor defeated edgar with his special attack Lighting trust then vendor walks towards
edgar and say

Vendor-I am sorry edgar that it had to end like this but there was no other way to defeat you
Afther all i promised your brother that i will save you but it looks like that the plan didnt go to well now all what it has to be done is to end this mess witch you got into and save shenna!
Afther vendor explained to edgar that he had no choice to defeat him even so he promised his brother but there  s still some hope to save the world from evil boss! And that s why...
Boss in his mind -I cant belive it just what happened! He defeated the almighty warrior the defender for ultimate canon he is complete disgrace!
Boss-You are complete disgrace edgar!

Vendor-The warrior figthed fair unlike you!
Boss-He is completly ussles he cant do anything! you arent scaring me the older one may ruin the base but you shure wont i can promise you that
Vendor-I dont think so i cant i know that i can because i am entrusted by older legendary spirit master!
Boss-So its true you are his disciple
Vendor-Yes i am and for that reason i will stop you from your evil ambitions right here and now!
All i can do now is to...Save shenna!

Vendor then walks towards shenna... step step as boss say....
Boss-Oh no you wont stop it dont you come near legendary spirit maker!
Vendor ignored boss said and still kept walking!
Vendor step step...
Boss-Gah...damit! i cant stop him or can i my support is completly defeated i must not alow him to ruin my plans!
Vendor is almoust coming near shenna as he say in his mind
Vendor saying in his mind-Shenna i can finally free you!
Will Vendor manage to free shenna finally!? Only time can tell
But something unexpected happens as vendor came near the boss!

Edgar-Cough cough...prey you didnt defeat me just yet!
Vendor-What!? how is this possible you are still...
Boss says in his mind-Perfect he is still up now you see legendary spirit maker!
Edgar-Not that quite gahahahaha ouch...argh cough cough
Vendor looked at edgar as he say-Dont you see edgar its over  you canoot fight enymore leave it be i dont want to defeat you enymore!
Edgar-Do not think that you won! Ouch cough cough
Boss-Edgar! How could you lose that was disgracefull as an warrior
Edgar-Sorry boss...cough cough i was to careless give me a chance to fix this!

Boss-Huh!? What chance could i give you since you cant even move...
Afthere edgar asked the boss for an second chance then edgar is trying to get up as he has hard time
Edgar-Cough cough arghaaaaa!!!!
Edgar is trying his best to get up...but! it doesnt go well yet he manage  to half way stand up by grabing the sword with his hands and then
Edgar holds the sword to try be up and say
Edgar-Ugh...see now i am standing boss! Gahahaha ouch...cough cough
Boss-I must are trying but what gives me that?
Edgar-Gah! Ugh i said it already and i will say it again! I am going to finish this fight! I am not BEATEN YET you hear me boss and you to prey!
Boss-Then tell me how will you do it as you baerly even standing as i already told you tell me your brilant plan?

Edgar-Actually i wasnt shure if it will come in handy but it looks like that it does now gahahahah!
Boss-What are you talking about?
Edgar-You see boss its an very special transformation i am going to use thanks to prey witch i am shure this will be perfect...
Boss-Well then let me see that!
Edgar-With an satification gahahahahaha let me introduce it to you an greatest power you ever imaginated
Vendor say in his mind-What could he mean!? I have no time for thinking about this non sense i need to save shenna fast but...something feels strange wait a moment
Vendor wonders what s going on for some reason there  s an strange aura he sense
Thats! No it cant be...

Edgar pant pant...ugh i must try to release it! Edgar use his sword and unleash an strange aura
An darkness around him flows!
As vendor notices then he says
Vendor-Wait edgar! dont do it this sword will completly manipulate your mind throw it away!
Shhhhhhhhhh znnnnnn the dark aura flows around edgar as he says
Edgar-I see...that you noticed didnt you and no i wont because when i transform i will be invincible

Vendor-Are you shure in what are you getting into and what do you mean when you transform?
Edgar is getting up slowly as he answers to vendor
Edgar-Whu cares prey and about transformation its when i took the dark magic when your little freind defeated gahahahahahaha
Edgar laughts as darkness flows
Vendor-Just as i are being stumborn and wait a moment this is same thing you are using when i becomed dark....but i wont alow you that to go through and i make shure to show you how serius i am!
Edgar-It looks like  you finished your homework gahahahaha ughhh!

Edgar-Gah!!! Arghh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znnnshhh the flow around edgar s sword is flowing dark energy dust  and then something unexpected happens edgar becomes fully healed!  as dust clears out...
Vendor looks at edgar with confident face!

Vendor makes an face palm as he say-Now comes the wrost ugh...i just needed that when i wanted to save shenna it looks like this will take much more that i tough of it

Chapter end

What an great turnaround as vendor finally unleashed the legendary spirit maker transformation witch gave him an great boost in speed to finish off edgar once and for all but something didnt go as planned edgar had an strange dark power witch gave him an ability to transform what will vendor do? Only time can tell
Spirit maker chapter 92 Legend of all legends
Well today i decided to upload new spirit maker chapter yeah it has been a long time since i uploaded since last time but now i decided to upload it since before it needed to be little rewritted and i needed more time to think how the story will go so now its fully
complete as well in this chapter there will be alot of surprises because vendor finally
became the legendary spirit maker heh and of course i wont spoil it so you will need to read the story to know more details hope you will like it my freinds enjoy reading


Hello my name is Sebastijan i am glad you fund my page i am very nice person i like to help enywey i like anime
and play role play games etc
i like so much to draw n_n for fun
And wanded to make nice freinds lol here is the list

hehe that s all great friends for now soory if i forgot somone lol

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