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Spirit maker chapter 91 Full power concertation unleashed

As vendor show edgar his place with his new ability he learned from his teachers edgar then decided to fight seriusly this time as then vendor said to him that this is what he actually waited to show him the skills he learned by his teachers but edgar didnt bother at all by his words and then he unleashed spirit maker!

Vendor was kinda bothered when he saw it but that didnt let him down he was confident that ever as edgar decided to fight they both clashed the great power of both showed up!
Edgar got actually impressed by vendor  s skills how he keep up with him and then edgar decided to use speed of illusion an fast move

When edgar used speed of illusion vendor wondered about it when he talked with his dad as he trained with him for this moment where vendor s dad raizen told vendor that he need to feel natural energy as he concertate to stop enemy attack at right time as he match enemy s
speed when vendor remmebered that then vendor closed his eyes while concertating while

vendor was concertating edgar was still fast coming at him when edgar said how vendor is doing the same thing as before but still he finded it ussles but vendor still concertated in one
spot withoud eny worry unitil edgar appeared near him and said how he should see his sword of justice but just as he hit vendor vendor stoped it unexpectly and got happy but there was no

need to be happy just yet because that was an illusion only as edgar told him how that s just
an illusion and that is to slow even so that vendor hit edgar s illusion he still concertated because he knew that this was just an illusion as he remembered to keep up with his speed to match him while edgar almoust hit vendor when he said that he is going to beat him vendor

prepared for defense to stop him as he stops edgar  s sword and he gets  very suprised how vendor stoped it!  When edgar said how vendor stoped his sword even trough illusion vendor said to him to not understimate him edgar push his sword off vendor s hand to another direction to back side and wondered how did vendor manage to do that...

Then vendor tells him that it was easy as he concertated into one spot as he matched his speed then edgar got pissed and wanted to know more about it as vendor told him how that is ability of defense to match edgar  s speed and then edgar said to vendor that he is an interesting opponed and that it was long time since he had fun

As vendor told him how he didnt belive him he said before that edgar see his whole new side still edgar gave vendor a credit but that didnt mean that is just over but vendor showed him a respect and said thanks and laugh edgar was confused why is he laughting as vendor said how he can defeat him for shure then edgar said to him how he think that is just over because he

showed him his skills witch wanted to show an suprise where vendor was confused what did he mean actually by that he said as edgar gave vendor a 5 min to defeat him and  then reval that it was about shenna to be extracted then vendor said to him that he dont involve shenna and that he s the one he will fight but edgar didnt care he said at all and then he gived him an

offer if he show  s him his skills he might reconsider then vendor says to him that he will defeat him before he even starts to extract shenna as edgar prepares for the fight again and vendor to as they both starts to fight again and then vendor in his mind say how he needs to buy some more time to keep him of shenna  as he close his eyes and concertate again then

edgar moved around as vendor sense his movements then edgar wonders why isnt vendor doing anything and will he attack him then he got pissed as he crossed vendor trough then vendor sensed him from behaind while edgar was using his hand to hit vendor and catched him then edgar wondered how is this possible then vendor starts to laugh and edgar told him to stop and what s  going on vendor says nothing actually then edgar wonder how did he get

so strong like this as he changed from his last fight then vendor answered him that he got learned by 3 great master witch he explained him last time but edgar then didnt get impressed by that because vendor was using defense as he do that how can he hit him? Then vendor told him how he got him but still there s  more skills he can actually do as edgar told him that he

stop talking and show it! As vendor laughted again and edgar said that he stop doing that again when he strike trough while vendor wonders witch is real one then edgar says that vendor is slow when he moves around him when vendor looked left and right while edgar was still moving around him then he notices an sword on his back but that actually less his guard

witch maked easy for vendor to sense him as vendor used lighting wave at him at right time as edgar said what and vendor told him whu is slow now then edgar got really pissed and wondered about the sword on vendor s  back then vendor told him how he got it from his brother ethan! As ethan heared vendor s word he wasnt shure if he can belive him then ethan

asked vendor to show it actually as vendor showed him then he said that he is shure that its  really his sword but how is that possible that vendor has it? Witch was for vendor an hard question and answered edgar that he got it from his brother witch intrusted him the sword to save him then edgar said that its a good one what vendor said afther everything what

happened then vendor told edgar does he see that his brother wants  him back and why is he working for the bandits as he learned but what s the actual reason? Then edgar gave vendor an answer witch was to revive his mother and that shenna s  the only one witch can achive that as vendor told him to leave her alone as edgar ask vendor why is he so presistend about her then

vendor tell him because she is his freind and he wont alow him to hurt her but edgar told him that freind just betrey just as he was as vendor heared he said he told him that this isnt true because freind whu really cares whould never do that then edgar didnt bother again vendor said as edgar says how he had also a freind witch betreyed him and how can be shure to have

a freind witch actually keeps secrets then vendor said to edgar that he know he mean and talks about edgar  s freind nina that she didnt understand how he feels and even so that his freind shenna had secrets from him he still trusted her because to understand one another means to forgive as well to find right path but edgar said how he doesnt need eny path how that s just a lie and that his opinion is only his freind shenna to save his mother but then vendor said how

he knows about it and that his freind nina really cares for him and asks him what did happen that edgar becomed like this how he is now! then edgar got pissed and decided to tell him the story about him but mentionated that afther that he should remember the wrost then he started his tale witch was about edgar and ethan the brothers  witch enjoyed their time but edgar was

trying to ask his brother to train him as he got a sword but nothing still he tryed unitil his mother asked ethan to teach edgar then ethan decided to teach edgar sword skills then edgar wanted to visit her freind nina as he notices bullies around unitil he beated them and got back to his home with nina as he noticed that something happened to his mother as ethan said that

there s nothing he can do then edgar yelled at him then nina say that he should listen to his brother then edgar cryed more and said to her how could she say that then he left running forward as he left his sword then ethan called edgar as edgar was running guards told him to stop but edgar beated him all as he was running unitil he heared an voice witch said do he

want to save his mother then edgar said whu is talking and he wants to save her then an unkown voice said that he will know when time comes and is that his real decision and that there s no coming back afther that then edgar said how he doesnt need to think about anything that just what he want s to achive because he has no reason to go back because he s ready to

save his mother then unkown voice said how he is an interesting kid since his decision was final he will show him the place then edgar said to him to show him quick as unkown voice told him that he is unpatiend then he asked him is he ready to go as edgar says that he is then unkown voiee transfer him to an unkown land where he will meet a person whe will revive his

mother then edgar says in his mind that she waits for him that he will get her back as he revive her as edgar arrived to an unkown land he wondered where is he unitil unkown voice said how he is on a land called erath then people around laughted then edgar was dissapointed because he tough that he will find that person whu can revive his mother then unkown spirit

said how he isnt fooled and that this is what they call humans and how one of them is whu he is searching for then edgar say is this the place then then he answered  him unitil edgar wondered where is he actually then unkown spirit tells edgar that he will know it soon unitil edgar noticed the wind flow and appeared to another location then the bandits noticed the win

and someone appearing then edgar said is this the place where he will save his mother as bandits noticed him they said how its  just as  kid whu arrived at their place and did he get lost then edgar answer them that he dont know him self and that he arrived to meet with someone then bandits  tell edgar that they dont take lost children and to go home and what is he talking

about then edgar starts  to cry how he really wants  to meet a person to save his mother the bandits  say that this isnt a fantasy that he come to reality and how this place is called bandit s base then edgar questionated bandit s base and bandits told him how kids are feared of the place but edgar is not the bandits  said that its  new and how he is searching for someone and

then edgar said how spirit told him that he will meet  a person whu will revive his mother and ask him where is he the bandits  say did he mean the boss the bandits said how they will know what he means as they decide to bring him to their boss then edgar ask them can they tell him as bandits  decide that he come with them to meet that person then edgar said that he will finnaly meet with his mom that she wait unitil he meet certain person as bandits arrived with

edgar to boss then bandits  said how they bringed someone as boss tell them whu could that be unitl bandits  said that here he is then boss said that it s just a kid that this isnt baby sit home the bandits said that they will take him back unitil edgar cryed  and said wait as he

asked the boss a question boss answered to edgar that he just ask then go home as edgar answered him he said is he the person whu will revive his mother  then the boss was really
confused about that question the bandits says that they dont know to and tell the story about
unkown spirit and how he came here to meet him to revive his mother then the boss

understanded and said how edgar thinks that he s the one whu can do that and then edgar answers  him and say that he tough so about it can he do it? Then the boss say that he is searching for an warrior to defend place and wonders if that can be him but he s still a kid then edgar say what warrior as boss tells him that he s searching for a warrior because last

time he canted defend the base still edgar is little kid then edgar say that he  s the real deal as he tells him that he s the swordsman then the boss say how he isnt really shure and ask him is he an warrior and edgar said yes then boss said if he really is an warrior he should show his skills unitil bandits say that he s just a kid then edgar says that he can do it and boss decided
to test his skills unitil edgar unleashed spirit maker and beat them the boss got really

impressed as edgar asked boss is that enough then boss said that it is and that he s the one whu he was searching for then edgar said how he finally found him then boss introduced the base to edgar and how is the boss of bandits  lair also if he works for him he will revive his mother then edgar ask boss how can he belive him on his word? Then boss say if he want to see then

he needs to belive him actually then edgar say that he will work for him and boss then give him a sword and that he becomed bandit  swordsman but still edgar told him that he s doing that unitil he reive his mother and that he doesnt break that promise and then he got  an task to find a princess shenna because she s the one whu can rivive his mother as he is searching for

her he meets with her parents and ask them where is she but they wonder about whu is they talking about as edgar explain about a princess shenna and they got shocked as they asked him why does he need their daughter then edgar says how he needs her to reive his mother then they understanded and edgar confirmed then edgar asked them again where is she but
they didnt tell him but vendor lost patience and keep asking them then edgar decided to use

his sword at them unitil shenna  s mom  said that he will tell him but shenna s dad that she should not then shenna s mom said that she to had that power before then edgar said do she really think that he can get fooled by that trick as shenna s dad said what is he talking about vwhen shenna s mom answered him how she wanted to buy some time as edgar says does they have eny last words then shenna s dad and mom tell him to leave her alone then edgar

says that he wont unitil he finds her then shenna  s mom had something to say  but edgar said that she be quick and shenna s mom said how its  true that she had wind power but that isnt enough to save his mother then she told him that she will turn to spirit to meet with her then shenna s dad wonder what is she talking about then she said its  for good and that the spirit guide her daughter then edgar defeated them and came empty handed as boss was pissed that

he failed his mission and how he tough that there s more in him but edgar tells him how he wanted to do but there  was to many guards and how he next time will do better then boss forived him and gave him second chance  as from that day he later meet s with vendor when edgar introduces him self was sword of justice and figth him unitil now and then edgar talks about what happened when he told vendor about his story and how he should stop asking him

about it then vendor tells edgar how he understand but still that isnt the reason of his actions still he isnt the reason to blame with its  the boss whu brain washed him then edgar says that vendor can be pissed how much he wants but he wont move from that path he is going trough even that is hell and that he will save his mother by using his freind shenna as vendor heared his words then vendor said is he really shure in this what he s doing unitil edgar answered him

that he is as result he call the boss witch confirms it witch is ready to extract shenna then vendor says to him what is he doing then edgar say that shenna is in procces of extraction but vendor says to edgar that he already told him to leave her alone but edgar didnt care and said like he will then vendor hit edgar with thunder smash and edgar get pissed as he say how he

wanted to be a bit nicer but things will get worse as he unleash his real power but vendor didnt get scared by his speech because he belive in him self and that s why vendor doesnt worry about it and he will do anything by eny cost and make shure that edgar dont harm shenna will vendor stop edgar in his intentions and defeat him once and for all? Only time can tell

Vendor is confident that ever as he fight edgar to stop him unitil edgar told vendor about his past  as vendor understanded everything  he knew that he s just being used but edgar just wont realise that he is being used as he wants to extract shenna to save his mother will vendor stop him in that intentions... only time will tell

Vendor-I will make shure to stop you from harming shenna here and now!

When vendor said these confident words how he wont alow edgar to harm shenna then edgar say

Edgar-Says you...if you think that you can stop me then you need to see my real power witch i am going to unleash witch wont be easy to keep up what will you do now?
Vendor-I tough so i whould not expect enything diffrend that this but i am prepared for it enyways what s coming
Edgar-Gahahaha...this is great much or less it doesnt bother me because its time to unleash my real power now prepare for the wrost prey
As edgar said these words he starts to unleash his real power while vendor watch it
Wooooshh......shhhhhhhhhh the wind dust around him is making windy noise
Vendor-This is it! The same power where i had trouble to keep up with his speed ugh but now is diffrend i am shure that even now i can try!!!

As vendor said in his mind how he is shure that he can do it even so that he had trouble then edgar say
Edgar-Gahahaha now you will see the wrost prey...but before i actually fight you
Edgar turns and calls the boss as he say to him-Hey long will take to extract that girl enyways?
The boss-Its about 10 minutes!
Edgar-Perfect! But i wont even need even that to defeat the prey gahahahahaha!
The boss-Unitil the count down starts You better finish this quick!

Edgar-Dont tell me what should i do...ugh
As edgar asked the boss how many minutes will take that shenna gets  extracted then edgar say as he watch vendor
Edgar-Did you hear my boss said didnt you!? it will take just 10 minutes unitil your little gets extracted but i wont need even 2 mints to defeat you prey and then i can revive my mother gahahahahahahhaha now prepare for battle!
Vendor-We will see about that!
Edgar-Gahahaha you cant do anything againts me now when i am in my real power prey dont prepared for the battle and fear me!
Vendor in his mind-He never learns still sigh but there is no time to think about this i must do something about it before shenna gets extracted..

Vendor is concertating .
As vendor said in his mind how there is no time to be wasted as he need to stay calm and concertated then edgar strikes at him as he say
Edgar-Prepare to be defeated!
Then edgar strikes at vendor when he dissapears while he say in his mind while rushing at vendor with full speed!
Vendor in concertation as he stay in his mind-Just like before he is way faster but i need to try my best to keep up with him!
As vendor said how edgar is fast and that he needs to do his best to keep up then edgar rush up still trough!
Edgar notices how vendor is concerating then he say while he is rushing
Edgar-He is doing same old thing ugh but that wont stop me gahahahaha!
-Lets see what he will do about this-

Edgar cross around vendor
Wooosh right...then left!
Vendor in his mind-I can hear his footstep...but wait its very fast as i expected!
Edgar-I think this will scare him enough!
As edgar still crosses around vendor edgar gets  a bit pissed as he say in his mind
Edgar-Why isnt he!? He just didnt move by eny bit then i guess he needs to see hard way!
-i need to put him on a test-
Edgar decided to strike at vendor with his sword as he say!

Edgar-how will you defend from this?
Edgar hits vendor with his sword!
Vendor-I need to focus!
Vendor leave edgar that he hits him then edgar gets impressed
Edgar-Interesting he actually knew that it will be illusion again but next shure isnt!
Vendor-Good...just as i tough its illusion like before but i need to keep concerating!
As edgar got impressed by vendor s skills then vendor knew that its illusion and then
Edgar strikes from right side very fast as he say
Edgar-This is the real deal prey! Ha!
He hits vendor for real now but then vendor!?
Edgar is hitting still!
Vendor is concerating!
Vendor-I can see him clearly now....from right!
then something strange happened
As vendor noticed how fast edgar striked then vendor got almoust hit as vendor catch edgar sword just by bit!

Vendor just little part of edgar sword holded that it was hard even to catch up
In his mind keep saying-So he catched it again oh well its a  test anyways
Edgar goes back
Vendor-Phew that was close!
Edgar-You are impressive prey i didnt think even with my real power will still keep up but as i noticed you bearly did it!
Vendor-Well thanks and i guess it was hard to catch your sword haha!
Edgar-Gahahahaa you think that this is funny then what will you think if i say that this was just an test to see if you can keep up actually with my real power?
Edgar-I will make it simple and clear ok...alright what i did now was just an test to see if you actually can keep up and it showed that you can but baerly i almoust got you but you was lucky but next time that wont be the same if you remember by illusions in used in the last battle when i defeated you!
Vendor-You dont mean...these illusions?
Edgar-It looks  like that you realised how fear some and fast i am
Vendor-Still i am shure that i can keep up even so that i lost my guard baerly!
Edgar-Your defense wont last much enymore as before when you see even faster illusions in this current mode!
Vendor-Then i make shure that it works to become perfect defense!
Edgar-Enough talk i need to see you are made off
Vendor-I am ready as you are! Unitil vendor heared an unexpected voice...

Znnnnnnnn....the preparations are complete!
Vendor-What the!? looks like it started
Shhhhhhhhh the count down extraction begins 10 mints! Znshhhhhh
Shenna-What s this....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
The boss-Great the extraction of windbloom princess has started!
Vendor-Damn it...shenna!
Shenna-I am sorry vendor
Edgar-Gahahahaha it looks like that i will see my mother very soon just as i defeat you!
Vendor-Not on my watch!
Edgar-As i said before i wont even need 10 mints i coming prey!
As an voice mention how preparation is complete and that it need 10 mins to begin extraction
Edgar want s to finish this quick but vendor wont alow him to!
Then edgar rush up at vendor as vendor!

Vendor in his mind-Ugh they are extracting shenna but i cant lose focus if i want to save her!
Vendor is concertating as he is being very carefull how fast edgar is
Edgar is very near vendor as vendor then say in his mind
Vendor-Concertate! I need to keep folowing his foosteps as i focus...
Edgar! shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Vendor! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Edgar step step....step fast!
Edgar appear on back side of vendor as he say-Did you notice me?
As he hits and then vendor say while he is hitting

Vendor-This is an illusion again or maybe i should try something to be shure about it....
As edgar hits then edgar notice that vendor is again not moving unitil while vendor try something
Vendor-Lighting wave! Please be illusion...
When vendor hited edgar with lighting wave then edgar dissapeared as an illusion then edgar say
Edgar-that was clever prey but you didnt see this witch i am going to show now!
Vendor-Its illusion afther all great! i got it again...
Edgar goes off vendor afther doing illusion as vendor got confused as he say
Vendor in his mind-what is he trying to do now i have to be carefull!
Edgar doesnt show at all as he used his illusion at vendor unitil he said
Edgar-You know was good unitil it lasted but here is an very special move i told you about you shure remember it!

Vendor doesnt say anything as he say in his mind instead-So he is doing it afther all i must be extremly carefull i never know what he may do or where he can be!
Edgar-So he isnt answering me again well then its time to break his defense to make him talk!
Edgar-Now i am going to unleash duplicate illusion-
Edgar use his speed of illusion tech even stronger that before as he rush at vendor to confuse him so he can break his defense that he talk! and then
Edgar step step  serval of them moves around
Vendor-I wonder where can i find the real one hmm!?
Edgar moves still as they are saying....I am here
Another illusion here
No here right
Here left
Edgar is just keeping confusing vendor as vendor say in his mind

Vendor-I must not alow that he get me confused i need to feel the natural energy!
As vendor is feeling the natural energy to find edgar then edgar rush up and is very close to vendor as he makes faster steps with illusions and then
Edgar step step step
Edgar in serval illusions is very near vendor step step step...
Vendor-I just need to keep calm and concertate! Carefull...
Edgar- It will be over soon!
Edgar finally strikes!
Vendor-Here he comes!
Edgar CSHHHH shhhhhh in multiple shadows
Vendor sense all multiple shadows clearly with natural energy as edgar rush up very close!

Vendor is deeply concertating at all edgar  shadows unitl edgar
Vendor tryes to hit every illusion with rotation
Vendor in his mind-Maybe i should try wave!
As vendor try hit all edgar illusion with rotation then edgar dissapear then edgar say
Edgar- You cant do anything about it to find the real me now s the time to be defeated!
Edgar strikes at vendor but where!?
Vendor sense 4 multiple shadows unitil he finds the right one as he say
Vendor in his mind-Got it! From straight on...
Edgar appears near vendor as vendor starts to laugh
Edgar-You finally decided to talk didnt you but that smile wont be that funny enymore because!
Edgar hit edgar with sword-Its over! To smile
Then something unexpected happens vendor finally noticed edgar!

Vendor-Got it! From straight on! He grabs edgar sword almoust while edgar hited then
Edgar-Impossible he did it again! No this wont go i must move again faster!
As edgar moves as vendor got his sword he try to push on other side then vendor
accidently slips  as edgar try to push up to other side
Edgar-I told you prey you wont be lucky this time!
Vendor-I must react fast!
Edgar try to hit vendor from other side!
Edgar! hits
Vendor-Ugh Foooocus!
Edgar finally hits vendor! But...
Vendor grabs edgar sword and say-See now whu is being lucky haha!?
Edgar-Arghhhh! You got my sword again i must admit that but you are not noticing something i did just now!

Edgar shows hand at vendor cheek...
Vendor looks and say-how did this happen...i am shure that i cough your sword
Edgar-Gahahah didnt you notice it at all when you holded my sword and i cuted you as you grabed my sword again argh
Vendor-Aha i see now but that scrach means nothing enyways haha since i caugh your sword!
Edgar-You think this is funny prey eh and you are forgetting that your defense had an openning what about that gahahahah!
Vendor-Haha you got me again i guess i will fix it then!
Edgar in his mind-This is getting annoying! Just how this prey wont be defeated what ever i try he stands even with my real power there must be something i can do to beat him up hmm...
Wait a moment! With this attack he will shure be down...yes...yes and yes!!!

Edgar-Gahahaha you know prey it will be hard to fix your so called defense when you see my very special attack!
Vendor-I dont think so! I make shure that it work...and what!?
Edgar-This attack is an very special one witch i didnt use just yet for an long time but i wanted in our last battle since i didnt have oppertunity to do so you will be an perfect example to test its own power prey!
Vendor-Then i will try my best to stop it!
Edgar-Well ok if say so but dont tell me later that i didnt explain how strong it is! ok...

Vendor-Bring it on what ever it is!
Edgar-Now that  s interesting...but this will be your last! Now...
Edgar starts doing something
Edgar-Ha!!! pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhh wind around him makes noise!
Vendor in his mind-What is he trying to do again a power up for the attack or? Sigh i better start concertating before he do anything!
Edgar unleash some kind of wind power burst around him for his special attack as he then say
Edgar-Gahahahaha its time for a fearsome special speedway attack prepare prey because here i come!
Edgar rush at vendor with full speed!

Vendor-I need to stay focused on in full power feeling the natural energy around me...
Shhhhhh.....pshhh! an aura burst out of vendor!
Edgar s speed appear very fast making steps as vendor notice in his mind
Vendor look at every step witch edgar makes around as he try to watch it!
Waterish steps....step step step but the steps are very fast and kinda a bit harder to be tracked on!
As edgar crosses trough vendor look left  while edgar really fast go and dissapear to another side
Vendor-Damn his speed is way faster that before but i must try to keep up to concerate ha!!!
Vendor try his best to track edgar speed but edgar then!?
Edgar goes from right to left and dissapear as vendor notice him again
Step step step...on left to unkown side!
But vendor manage to track his movements still even so that is so fast that before! Unitil edgar say
Edgar-How you like that prey!?

Vendor-I wont alow that he fool me at all cost!
As vendor try his best to notice edgar still he just see a bit even so that he use high level conceration to show a better image as edgar started to move to all sides then edgar say
Edgar-The play time is over...   edgar stops as vendor get s confused
Vendor-Huh he stoped!?
Edgar starts to move in cricle...
Vendor-This thing again its same as before but diffrend...its way faster trough i better focus!
Edgar moves in cricle at full speed around vendor to prepare his special attack!
Wooooooosh still around crazy speed...
Step step....step......vanish unitil edgar decided to strike!
Edgar-Prey...before i attack you in so fear some speed it has been great battle but now it will come to an end with my special attack gahahahahah
-This is the end-
Edgar rush from unkown location! But vendor!?

Vendor-Dont think you won yet edgar because i have still my natural senses....and i make shure i unleash it s full potential right now to sense you!
As edgar decided to get serius vendor didnt leave his guard up but he uses his natural energy to strenght it up! And then edgar still goes around vendor in speed just unitil edgar actually come out and vendor doesnt know where he is then vendor say...
Vendor-I must quick find witch one is real and that s why its time to unleash natural energy s full power ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edgar-Prey its over admit your defeat! You cant find me its time to finish this!!! edgar rush from no where!
Vendor in his mind with his full power natural concertation!
An aura gets  even stronger that before!

Vendor-Ha!   shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cshhhhhhhhhhhh!
Aura burst bright as vendor concertate! Unitil edgar finally gets out!
Vendor in his mind at full power concertation see an stronger vision of edgar coming out from speed cricle!
Edgar saying as he comes almoust near him-Here i am prey! Feel my special attack....
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh woooshh!
Vendor in his mind at full power concertation-Got you! from back side...concertate...ha!!!!! i will stop your attack s no matter the cost!

Edgar from back side rush up at vendor with his sword  hits him...and then
Vendor-No you wont! He try to caugh him but edgar notice that vendor keep up with him again as edgar say
Edgar- ha!!!
Edgar goes from all sides try hit vendor unitil vendor notices it!

Vendor-From right!   edgar attack and vendor stop him...
As vendor noticed edgar s attack then vendor moved from right side to forward side by tapping vendor s sword even so that is fast while edgar passed trough and then

Edgar from left..... and then again
While edgar strikes from left side vendor then still sense fast edgar s movement illusion strongly! Witch comes from!?
vendor-From left!
Then Vendor notice edgar from the left side as he again tap edgar s sword by moving from left side to right unitil edgar fast cross to another side!
While vendor stop him unitil edgar

He do again from back side at full speed but vendor still keep up with him!
Vendor and edgar crashing up as they both keep up while vendor moves from edgar s fast speed as he concertate and taps his sword to change position as edgar is still moving fast around vendor and hit him then vendor see every step of edgar  s movement  with full power natural energy unitil edgar stop...

Vendor and edgar crashing up as they both keep up while vendor caugh edgar sword as he move fast around him hitting him but vendor see every step of his with his full powered natural energy! Unitil edgar stops...

Vendor-He stoped wait no He is still somewhere!
Edgar-Ha!!! from unkown side...
Vendor-I guess i was right afther all he didnt stop...he is actually!
Edgar attacks vendor from top side while vendor say-Got you from top side!
Edgar shows him self as he say from top-Feel my finisher attack!
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooshhhhh...........shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! crazy wind around in full speed wooshing as vendor notices edgar and edgar going at vendor with his sword at full speed...
Edgar-Dimensional sword infinity!

Vendor-Here he is! foooooooooooooooooooocus!
As edgar unleashed finally his finisher special move vendor is still noticing him as edgar is already near him but can vendor stop him? And then
Edgar hits! With full speed...
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooshhhh pshhhh!
Vendor in conceration-I must try something before he hits!
Wait a moment that s it that will shure do the trick...
When vendor tough of some ability to use as edgar hits then vendor?
Vendor-Lighting...  cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Vendor-Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you wont go trough.... ugh
Cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhh wooosh woooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Edgar is pushing vendor s lighting crash

And then...something unexpected happened
Edgar-What!? ugh i cant move my sword what s going on...
Vendor holds edgar s sword just what happened?
Vendor smile-Heh...heh
Edgar-You! you stoped my strongest move but that s impossible just how!?
Vendor-Well you see now i concertated with my full powered natural energy you know already i explained you about the defense step already....uuuuuuuugh
Edgar goes off vendor with his full speed....

Vendor leave it and then edgar say-I really cant belive it that this happened that you will stop it just like that my strongest move but the price for it was greater!
Vendor-Haha....yeah i know ugh
Vendor has all scraches around him every time he got edgar sword in the speed catch!
Edgar-Gahahahaha my special attack may did not work enough to be stoped but it looks like i did scrach you all over trough prey you think that you can keep with the next one?
Vendor in his mind-Ugh i caused to much power for this natural concertation that i exousted my self i dont know how i whould track him with this srachesh around but its not that bad i think but i must try to keep him off to do something but what....i know now haha yeah! are right i may got alot of scraches when i defended from it haha but as i say again it isnt big deal even for another blow!
Vendor holds his hand
Edgar-Gahahahahha but your scraches tell me a diffrend story prey you know there is no way that you could stop my next attack so why dont you admit your defeat!?
Vendor-Ugh...argh no i never will and i said that this is nothing even so that it hurts i find a way...
Edgar-You fool! I gived you an oppertunity to admit your defeat to give up
Vendor-Heh...ouch i....i will defeat you no matter what! and save shenna for shure!
Edgar-Again with that are you prey i cant stand it how much you mention that i get you even more scrachesh enyways with my next blow then we see how you will talk about it?

Vendor-Actually i am very shure about i just said because i have an very special suprise...witch will for shure stop it!
Edgar-Suprise you say...what suprise you could have or to stop my blow prey you know this isnt a fairy tale you may belive that you can do but get down to reality ok and just give up i am tired of all this
Vendor-Ha ha! i am shure that this is very real what i am going to show you...
Vendor gets up his spirit ball and say-See now!?
Edgar-What s this about...wait a moment! I remember this could it be
Vendor-I will show you my legendary spirit maker transformation! Ha!
Boss-Legendary spirit maker!? nah this is to good to be true just as i said last time...

Edgar-Ugh the light show again arent it....but wait wont you become that dark thing darn it!
Vendor holding his spirit ball with an holy light around him as he say
Vendor-No because this time is diffrend ...i beated my self that i release all heartred from me witch show me  the path to the light!

-To stop you once and for all and that s why  i am going to show you my legendary spirit maker transformation  this time for shure so that i can save this world and you to from darkness!

Edgar-Huh!? This speech again sigh how many time will you say it prey its just impossible to change my decision from path i am going and will stay one and only path and that is to use your friend to save my mother just as beat you with my next blow gahahahahahahahha...

Vendor-I will show you the right path right now with this light witch shines!
Then vendor unleash the legendary spirit maker!
Vendor-And now! its time to unleash it!
-Legendary spirit maker- Ha!

The light shines all around...
Edgar and his boss cover their eyes with hands as vendor shines while he is using transformation...
Znnn znnn shhhhh woooosh shhh znnnnshhh!
Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wooooooooooooooosh...

The light stops shining as wind of light spreaded around while edgar and boss notice vendor!
Vendor stands with his confidence on the feild facing edgar as he smile...

Afther the all trouble vendor had with edgar as he used his real power and shenna started to be extracted while vendor was scrached he didnt lose his confidence but showed him his transformation the legendary spirit maker witch will show the path to light...will vendor beat edgar with legendary spirit maker can he stop him in time to save shenna from extraciton?
Only time can tell
Spirit maker chapter 91 Full power concertation
Well today i decided to upload an new chapter of spirit maker!
it has been an long time since i uploaded one through since i had to re write it and think how to make it better so i decided now as i said to upload it since i finished it through that i still write spirit maker chapter 92 and i am almoust finishing it heh so i hope that you my freinds will like it my new spirit maker chapter
Hip hip huray today is my birthday! heh i am 27 years old now ugh i am kinda getting older and i wished to be more yonger but never mind these days go very fast even as i waited for my bday to come now it finally came ugh but its ok yet

again on my birthday the weather is a total mess trough and phone ringing woke me ugh that s the wrost thing and annoying indeed!
but when is birthday there s nothing what should stop a person from enjoyment because there s my freinds whu cares for me and i for them

Of course i got presents for my birthday to
I got Just cause 2 game for ps3  Ps2 memory card,Milka chocolate oreo,bajadera,fontana

Bajadera and fontana is one of best product of Kraš in Croatia if you duno that is i show you here link

This is Bajadera…

And this is Fontana its ice squares with chocolate…

So again Today is my 27th birthday and there s chocolate cake for my bday party but that comes later still cant wait
  • Mood: Joy
Yeah i wonder what s best solution to deal with people whu spread false information

For an example person calls you a troll for eny reason and its not true
but the person likes to spread lies about and call their group to belive them and what ever you say has no result they belive their word more that yours

so this becomes a big problem even so i know its best to ignore person but what is situation is bigger if person is getting this even more that usual gossip around not just deviant art but other site spreading lies about person that whould be one big mess and its hard to deal with so many idiots beliving into lies

that s why today social conversation becomed really a mess

so i give another example about this

I have an condition and person doesnt belive it and just offend you and you tell them how that hurt and it will result as they call you a troll and how i explained above they will call group of people to attack you witch is horrible

here s an example
If person is hurt by another person whu offend you or hurt your fellings whu have condition they will find it like its nothing wrong and you are automaticly a troll to them and they will spread lies

1-Person hurts you because you tell them they hurt you then later they say
2-They keep spread lies around side this person is a troll and there s many of them whu do that

I hope there s people on this site whu isnt like that how these people are whu spread lies about others whu can comment withoud eny non sense or using fail logic

the wrost part is when people have something againts you they dont like you then you are in their way so this seems like in shcool if person doesnt like you they bully you with their gang and that s the same way how online works how these people abuse me with false information so yeah hope enyone has an good explanation how to deal with this non sense even so i know

Ignore is the best solution but sometimes not yet that much effect when gossip cross the line
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Hello my name is Sebastijan i am glad you fund my page i am very nice person i like to help enywey i like anime
and play role play games etc
i like so much to draw n_n for fun
And wanded to make nice freinds lol here is the list
Great freinds!


hehe that s all great friends for now soory if i forgot somone lol

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