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Ok this is taking to far now its obvius that some people arent really taking me serius when i tell them that they hurt me because they doesnt realise that i am

hurt and they think i am not and i am but they dont care and wont aceept the fact that i am suffering  this really did cross the line and that s the wrost part it pisses me now even now people keep spreading rumors about me that i am troll etc blablbla and that s not true i hate trolls but no they keep saying stuff even when i say hi they say what do you want or how can i help you that s not nice to start a conversation also here s an example when people hurt me

example if they use bus with  y word they cause me blood pressure or eny other word like m with ad,what with is it oh with really what with now
keep this for your self,calm down,what are you talking about i am not online 24/7,people have this and that, etc so on...

but if they wont aceept the fact that they hurt me when i told them that s not being a freind that just a  bully
and that s what still happening and that s why i am writting this journal i keep

getting bullied trolled etc and people keep assuming me that i am that and i am not that s not true it pisses me off when people spread rumors to others and they belive them before  a fact that they dont know me to well but they still do it and get attention trough others  that s the wrost part withoud asking the actual person

And thats  that s why that really pisses me that s really fake freind and disrespect towards me very offensive people should take freind with respect
i get very depressed if people dont reply me back or ignore me sigh

Good freind always respect a freind and understand them withoud making excuses no mean words or being negative calling each other by names saying i have this and that talking behaind back attacking others for no reason or even blocking by

getting attention to no that  s not being a freind because a freind is someone whu really cares from heart as well not replying for hour days months years is also rude it direspectes a freind very offensive and saying i dont have time for chat or i chat when i can i am not online 24/7  etc that s the wrost part and hurtfull
if you really are a freind you will be there for each other and ask how do you feel and hope you will be ok soon withoud asking non sense sigh

example of bad excuses people make and how it should be actually that they be nice
1-I have shcool and homework-Well if you have shcool that s understandable or hw but its not the reason to not come on for a hour

2-I have work i dont have time to chat-Well true work makes people tired but still not the reason to ignore or not to say when you can be online

3-I have this and that blah blah blah-that isnt the reason to not be online because you can organise time when to come on if you care but making this excuses its just lame

4-I am not on all the time-why are you online chatting then!? or example again people cant reply that s not nice to say

And that s why this is so messed up cycle witch keeps up rotating just horrible and what s the worst is when you say something that others  hurt you people just attack you and i didnt do anything wrong

and people doesnt realise that i get easy hurt i am sensetive person i worry alot to also every time people start talking negative
example of negative part (People have this and that,people cant be online,
i have things to do etc)
and that s why

they hurt me and cause me blood pressure and if they keep up i will get panic attack as they of course doesnt listen and dont care and keep saying stuff to me sniff like this
Calm down,Dont get m with ad what are you talking about,i didnt hurt you,calling me a troll, what isnt true,what do you want,what now,i dont chat all the time,i chat when i can etc
as well scolding me and judging me or threten me

here s the list what happens when they cause me blood pressure when they dont take it serius

    Acceleration of heart and lung action
    Paling or flushing, or alternating between both
    Inhibition of stomach and upper-intestinal action to the point where digestion slows down or stops
    General effect on the sphincters of the body
    Constriction of blood vessels in many parts of the body
    Liberation of metabolic energy sources (particularly fat and glycogen) for muscular action
    Dilation of blood vessels for muscles
    Inhibition of the lacrimal gland (responsible for tear production) and salivation
    Dilation of pupil (mydriasis)
    Relaxation of bladder
    Inhibition of erection
    Auditory exclusion (loss of hearing)
    Tunnel vision (loss of peripheral vision)
    Disinhibition of spinal reflexes

When i have blood pressure i really feel like horrible for a half day or more if is worse rude mean word offensive it will get worse for like a day but of course if

somone tell rumors about me saying lies then i will worry alot about it and i cant stop thinking what will other people think about me when other tell to people i

dont know or people whu dont know me to well but they still keep saying sigh as well now i explained for panic attack if people arent listening i say when they

cause me blood pressure then it get even worse

also when i argue with someone whu keep making excuses or anything else i see it as a mystery it automaticly affect me
or when people dont say sorry afther they hurt me repeating saying things

excuses of course and agreeing with fake freind s
when person dont reply me when i say hi i find it strange and then i get sad and depressed
that s why people should be very carefull the say to me

and this is for panic attack
  • Surge of overwhelming panic
  • Feeling of losing control or going crazy
  • Heart palpitations or chest pain
  • Feeling like you’re going to pass out
  • Trouble breathing or choking sensation
  • Hyperventilation
  • Hot flashes or chills
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Nausea or stomach cramps
  • Feeling detached or unreal

Now i get panic attack people should take it really serius and avoid saying calm down word or did you take eny pills its same for blood pressure as well
and of course be postive no mean negative words because i suffer every time people are being mean because whe i have panic attack i get shortness on breath and think that something bad will happen to me T_T
but if people say i am here for you or i hope you will be ok soon withoud being mean then its ok

so hope that now is understandable

What s the wrost of all that when a friend whu cared understand my condition and then later go all out talk bad about me to others that s just crossing the line ugh its just like it ignores the main fact of this journal it read its just messed up that s just blunt and self centered its only about them and like they didnt do anything wrong but they did!
as well when people really cares for you and understand you and later just leave you like they never meet you sniff

also if you read this journal take it serius or if you come for attention just ignore i hate people whu say i am sorry with for you etc that wont work <<
negativity will be ignored and excuses
again no negative words or saying look word writting wall of text etc that hurts me be very carefull you say before answering or you cause me blood pressure sigh and

i am very nice person whu cares for my freinds and i care for them more that my self so yeah
  • Mood: Anger


Hello my name is Sebastijan i am glad you fund my page i am very nice person i like to help enywey i like anime
and play role play games etc
i like so much to draw n_n for fun
And wanded to make nice freinds lol here is the list
Great freinds!


hehe that s all great friends for now soory if i forgot somone lol

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