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Arisa s magical attack star blast animation
Well i decided to make an random lazy animation about my orginal character arisa even so again its very random agan lazy XD
but at least i tryed heh
again to explain this is the gif animation where arisa unleash her basic move called star blast hope you will like it my freinds n_n
Anniversary of my orginal character Arisa by sebo3e
Anniversary of my orginal character Arisa
This is my orginal character Arisa and she becomed 18 years well actually its between 18 and 19 years old so to explain more about her how i created it...

She was actually before an random character i gave her random names and hair styles she even looked like sara character my another oc i think and etc...  unitil i made it final as orginal character as she even became an main character in my short story called Mahou x girl

another thing you see i sumited my first image of arisa in 2009 and now is 2015 and that gave me a tough to make this anniversary for her and it made it interesting so i hope you my freinds will like it
I am very sad today because today is the day when my grandma passed away i was completly confused even before it was like yesterday but now when 1 year passed i cant belive it how fast that even happened i really cant...

Well i was really shocked to when we got a call that my grandma passed away i dont feel anything and still confused i cant aceept it how that happened all started with brain attack sniff when i finished high shcool as she canted move because her right side was not in function and she canted talk i always wished that she will somehow learn to talk again but nothing she knew some words but that was better that nothing

 then this afther some year passed i still remember when i visted my grandma for easter and i canted belive that this was last time i seen her but i will cherish that moment i spend with her even as a kid

She was very amazing grandma she always bough us something heh but what s more inportant is that she was there for us and we for her n_n

and that s why again my grandma will be in our memories (family)
i will miss my grandma sniff T_T
  • Mood: Sadness
Well today is easter how time flows a fast heh also i saw an very good movie called king of kings that i was almoust up till morning since it was very late showing and it was amazing  i learned alot from it

so i wish you all my freinds an happy easter whu are christians of course to understand one another with respect and gentless also supporting to see the light to true path

also i got a present to an chocolate eggs semi big one and normal ones plus rabbit chocolate with braid bread (very yummy)
  • Mood: Joy


Hello my name is Sebastijan i am glad you fund my page i am very nice person i like to help enywey i like anime
and play role play games etc
i like so much to draw n_n for fun
And wanded to make nice freinds lol here is the list
Great freinds!


hehe that s all great friends for now soory if i forgot somone lol

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