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Yeah its very sad how people act so rude these days before back then people wasnt so mean as today as in today modern time enyone can expect some rude behavior from each side sadly where they will cuss alot as well what i moustly

hate its very messed up indeed gah it so piss me off and what s more annoying is when people are careless they say when someone talk about them self when they

just talk about them self instead to first listen to what someone say but no they act rude and hardly care you said how i explained before sigh seriusly whats  wrong with people today?

So that s why i wrote this journal because i had this tough on my mind but of course there s more things to explain what is really to be a freind and what s bad freind to witch many people dont take seriusly these days

Good freinds
1-Good freinds always listen when someone is talking
2-They will be always there for you when you need them
3-If bad person hurted a freind they will be on your side and will never ask what did you do wrong
4-Good freind will say i am sorry hope you will get better when a freind is in pain
5-Good freind never use excuses

Good freind try to explain why they wasnt online while bad use excuses

So that s for an good freind whu show care and understand how other feels sadly these days there s no good freinds more bad...

Now for bad freinds witch i whould first explain that when you read this you shure will write wall of text but seriusly these people will never learn because bad freinds never do learn when they have bad behavior

Bad freinds
1.Bad freinds say how they are bus with y word and they never care how you feel at all or that they hurted you

still that doesnt mean someone has to be rude cant you just explain normally withoud being a jerk like saying what you was doing and say sorry for late reply whould be nicer...

2-They also say i am not online 24/7 witch is very rude to say to very mean nobody should treat enyone in that kind of manner

3-Telling a person stuff like why are you asking stuff when you try explain something is very rude to say never ask why! when you first time meet etc that s very rude and disrespectfull

4-They never care much to listen and distrub you as well like telling wait a bit or something witch is really sad as well

That s what is moustly sad where people dont understand what is really a good freind and bad freinds where bad freinds say to others very rude things and

doesnt understand that they hurted other people s feelings witch is very sad and this really piss me off when they are dominating conversation withoud even caring that they hurt others

by all that i explained by bad freind hurts me alot and cause me blood pressure that kind of people arent nice and again i will say its very hurtfull to talk in that

kind of manner nobody should treat others that way but that comes from parents whu didnt discipline kids well because there is same thing in real life sadly whu bully others so yeah T_T its messed up today people are horrible

And again as i said negative words hurt me i have an condition and that kind of behavior where people act as merry sue or queen bee etc so on its very rude indeed and i get right away hurt when people are such jerks whu dominate

conversation and beeing careless they dont care how other people feel when someone say something its just all about them self centered behavior and i hate this i just cant stand it T_T its very sad people should be nicer so yeah that s what i wanted to say i just cant stand it
  • Mood: Anger
Spirit maker chapter 98 I am going to fight to

As vendor tryed his best to stop ultimate canon s barrier he did destroy it but he wasnt on time and then the ultimate canon was launched into the air!
This is very bad vendor alot trouble while he cant belive that he wasnt on time to stop it and while ultimate canon was launched the tremor happened and everyone noticed it at dominic s place solider the king marijan and lucija also sakura and dean they to canted belive from where did that even come from!

Just as they noticed then vendor said how he wasnt on time to stop it while boss was laughting how he is going to rule but vendor wont alow him that! no matter what but unitil then vendor will save his freind shenna because she is his freind and then as vendor go and save his freind shenna somehow it didnt work because he canted open the door while he yelled at boss to
open it becuase he canted the boss granted his wish because ultimate canon is in the air

enyways and then when boss released the door shenna fell and vendor got her as he tryed to talk to her that she answer but it didnt work even boss said that but vendor didnt listen and then something unexpected happened and shenna talked as vendor was happy shenna was very glad to see vendor again and that he saved her and that s why she was thankfull!

Just as vendor is happy to but while shenna kept talking vendor told her to not talk because she s exousted and then afther that vendor looked at boss and said how he will stop ultimate canon no matter what and boss told him that he lost but vendor told him that he didnt because he destroyed the barrier still boss said how this is some kind of joke but that wasnt actually what vendor was talking about when he showed him that he is talking for real as he unleshed

thunder rage but somehow it didnt work and then the boss told him to just leave it but vendor then give one more time to stop ultimate canon when he unleashed lighting burst wave just as he unleashed it because his legendary powers was lost for some reason even boss laughted at that what he talked about that he will destroy vendor canted belive that this could happen that

he lost his powers and then boss told vendor didnt he tell him and then vendor as he lost hope he tough about it that there must be an solution something to stop ultimate canon because he belives and no matter what there must be something to stop it as he belived then an light happened and he came to another realm where he meet anvar as they talked about what

happened even anvar knew what happened he explained him as well that he cant destroy ultimate canon withoud 2nd half power of legendary spirit maker but there was also something witch was that he lost his power but that was easy part for him to do then vendor got happy and anvar healed him and explained how he can unleash 2nd half power of legendary spirit maker just as vendor finally unleashed it as they talked vendor finally gets

back to bandits  base where boss see vendor again and canted belive that he s still there
But he isnt the same enymore because he has now true legendary spirit maker form
But boss didnt belive him so vendor showed him that he is for real as he unleashed his wings and looked to air and then boss got him seriusly as he remembered and then vendor was going towards ultimate canon as he flyed towards it to stop it no matter what just as he was going

towards it he finally managed to go trough it as he unleashed lighting burst crash at it and now is everyone on the line on this attack will vendor manage to stop it? only time can tell

Vendor finally unleashed true form of legendary spirit maker!
As he got an ability to fly up towards ultimate canon to stop it once and for all as he unleashed lighting burst crash at it now everything is on the line to stop it....

Vendor-This is it! now everything depends on this attack...

As vendor said that everything depends on his attack to stop ultimate canon
He gets serius as he unleashed lighting storm blast towards the ultimate canon!

And Ultimate canon is flowing towards vendor s attack!

Ultimate canon pshhhhhhhh shhhhhh!!!

Ultimate canon!

They clash into each other...and make noise
Pshhhh pshhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shh!!!


vendor yelled as his attack got into collsion with ultimate canon

pshhh pshhh keept to make noise as then

Vendor s attack and ultimate canon is creating an strong struggle of energy and ultimate canon and then vendor say
Vendor-Go go! Further ha...

As vendor is pushing trough ultimate canon then
While vendor is pressing ultimate canon
Ultimate canon goes down as vendor say...
Vendor-Yes! But this isnt the time to celebrate i must push it beyond further HA!!!

While vendor is still pressing ultimate canon then ultimate canon got a bit down side but!
Ultimate canon returned a bit up as it press vendor s attack a bit

Ultimate canon makes noise
Pshhhhh pshhhhh tshhhh tshhhh

Vendor-Argh...just go down already!

As vendor pressed ultimate canon down yet again ultimate canon goes a bit up
Ultimate canon press vendor s attack a bit up

Pshhh pshhh tshhhh
Vendor-This blast is tough as expected!
But...i am not loosing just yet ha!!!

He pressed back down ultimate canon

While vendor has bad time dealing with ultimate canon the boss then say to vendor

The boss-Do you see boy its ussles even trying to stop ultimate canon its just to strong ahahahahhaah!

Vendor-I dont think so i know that i can stop it! HA!!!
The boss-How you want it boy i just enjoy watching how ultimate canon make an small fry out of you
Vendor-I whouldnt think so! Because i am the legendary spirit maker..

While vendor is yelling he is pressing the ultimate canon no matter what!

And then

While vendor is pressing the ultimate canon still
Ultimate canon is being pressed down but
Ultimate canon returns up but vendor pressing it back down
He press it back down
Ultimate canon pshhhhhh press vendor s attack up then

someone out of nowhere say something

Anvar-Dont let ultimate canon go further you can do it just keep up and concertate!

Vendor-Yeah!!!! i will...
As vendor heared anvar he said that he dont alow ultimate canon to go further then vendor

Vendor-And now to push that ultimate canon way back down Ha!!!
Ultimate canon makes noise pshhh pshhh shhhhhhhhhhh
while vendor is pressing down ultimate canon then anvar say

Anvar-That s the spirit child just keep it up like that!

While anvar praised vendor as he is still pressing the ultimate canon
Vendor keeps yelling
Vendor s attack is pressing ultimate canon way down
Lighting burst crash pshhhh pshh tshhhhhhhhh

ultimate canon is a bit more pressed down witch is an mircale to do it twice!
Vendor-It works! Great i just need to keep up...

Boss-What! you actually doing it dont think you will do that for long!
Vendor-Heh dont understimate me this thing will go faster down that you know it!

As boss said that vendor is pressing ultimate canon way down then vendor said that he should not understimate him as he push it faster down as he know and still while vendor pressed ultimate canon way down he is doing his best to hold it down...and then

Vendor-Ughhhhhhhh....vendor is still pressing ultimate canon down
Ultimate canon keep to make noise pshhh pshhh tshhhhhhhhhhhh
While vendor is still keeping it up something unexpected happens!

Ultimate canon started to streech like an bubble what is the meaning of that?

Vendor-Huh what s that

Ultimate canon started to realease something....and then vendor wonders what that could be

As vendor wondered what could this be he is still pressing ultimate canon down that it doesnt get up then anvar say

Anvar-Child this is the gas witch turn people evil you must hold it down dont let it reach the sky!

Vendor-This is bad i must stop it at all cost!
As anvar said to vendor that ultimate canon is spreading gas then vendor said that he must stop it at all cost as he is pressing ultimate canon further

But then ultimate canon is going a little bit up by starting to spread gass!
Ultimate canon makes noise by pushing vendor s attack up pshhh pshh znnnnshhhhh! you wont spread gas eny further
As ultimate canon pressed ultimate canon vendor pushed it as well back down

But ultimate canon push back vendors  attack
Vendor-Argh...gggggggggg you wont cross this path!!!!!!!!!!! He press it back down
Ultimate canon pshhhhhhhhhh znnshhhh

But then ultimate canon press it up back
Ultimate canon pshhhh pshh shhhhh
Then anvar say

Anvar-Child do you remember when i told you about the wind i got when i unleashed the full power to destroy ultimate canon?
Vendor-Kind off memory is still rusty trough
Anvar-Its ok i explain you child its the wind witch gived strenght to unleash full power!
Vendor-Now i remember! That s right mean that!?
Anvar-Yes! That s correct child things got very serius here and that s whe are going to unleash an full power attack but first you need to concertate are you ready?

Vendor-Of course! This will be an challange but i give it a try!
Anvar-Good child now prepare!

Vendor say in his mind-This is it! an final resort to stop ultimate canon and that s why i need to concertate i must not let ultimate canon eny bit further!

Then vendor close eyes as he started to concertate
And then while he is concertating ultimate canon push vendor s attack a bit up
Vendor-Not yet!
Then as vendor is concertating he is almoust there then he say
Vendor-Almoust there i can make it just a little more!

As vendor still keeps  concerting something unexpected happens!

Vendor finished to concertate as he then!
Vendor-I got it!
Anvar-Now s the time child do it!

As vendor looks at ultimate canon while ultimate canon is pressing his attack afther concertating vendor then talked tto anvar to unleash full power then vendor keep saying

Vendor-Its time to stop this thing with my...
Ultimate canon pshhh pshh tshhhhhhhhh makes noise
Vendor-Lighting storm!!!!!!! full power

While vendor is unleashing lighting burst crash at full power then his lighting burst crash gets  even stronger with an gigantic energy as it goes further as vendor yells


Lighting storm at full power goes further pushing ultimate canon pshhhh pshhhtshhh
Ultimate canon is being pressed way down! Tshhh pshhhhhhhhh shhhh

Then boss say while vendor is pressing ultimate canon way down
The boss-Damn that boy i wont alow him that he stop my ultimate canon or destroy the base so will...
What is the boss trying to do?

As vendor is still pushing the ultimate canon further down.....
Anvar say
Anvar-Just a bit more child you can do it!
Vendor-Here goes nothing its time to save the world!

Vendor is still pressing ultimate canon with his attack

And ultimate canon is even more being pressed down making noise pshhh pshhhh tshhh but then something unexpected happened

Vendor-Huh...something feels strange here

Vendor wondered that something feels strange because ultimate canon got weakened and then while vendor keep up pressing ultimate canon it somehow started to dissapear as it s pushed beyond down

Vendor-It feels easy that it got down just what s going on

As vendor wondered what s going on then he remember that his attack is going right at the base

Vendor-Wait no! i cant hit the base because shenna s there i must turn up my attack somehow
Vendor try to press with his hand as he roll...
Vendor-Ugh....come on turn it
Lighting storm infinity at full power pshhh pshhhh tshhhhhhhhhh
Vendor try to turn from right side to left his lighting burst crash to up side as he then keep saying
Vendor-Just a bit more i can make it ugh!!!!

As vendor is still turning his attack he finally made it!
Vendor-Perfect i did it! and now to press it up that i go down ha!!!
Vendor press his attack up that he go fast down side as he yells  
Vendor-Ha!!! pshhhhhhh tshhhhhhhhh

Lighting storm infinity push vendor from above towards the base!
As he is  going towards the base by using his attack he is almoust there...
Vendor-Just a bit more!
And then he finally made it towards the base as he gets inside and land as he streech his legs down with hands and then he gets up as he then vendor say

Vendor-I have to find shenna hope she s okay!

As vendor wonders if shenna is ok he walks around and look around
Vendor-Now where is she...
Then he notices her near walll as he keep saying
Vendor in his mind-Phew she s fine

While vendor saw that shenna s fine then the boss say

The boss-Legendary spirit maker!
Vendor turn his left as he notices him
The boss-This is the first time and last time that you ruin my plans!
Vendor-Heh! That s what you get when you want to bad things your evil plans must stop...

The boss-Ahahahahah dont make me laught legendary spirit make heh....then the boss gets serius and keep say
The boss-You did stop ultimate canon indeed!
The boss walks towards the ultimate canon as keep saying
The boss-But there s something you should know to!

Vendor-What are you talking about?
The boss starts to press buttons as he keep saying
The boss-Its very simple legendary spirit maker even so you stoped ultimate canon i have an very nice trump card just for you i am shure it will be an big suprise ahahahahhaahah
Vendor-Huh wait a moment are you telling me that you are going to!
The boss-Oh i see it looks like that someone paid attention to my lesson hahahah that s right i have an reserve witch will unleash ultimate canon one more time!

Vendor-I wont alow you to!
The boss-Hahahahahahahah its already to late in just 2 minutes the ultimate canon will launch so you can enjoy so be lucky that it isnt 60 seconds

Vendor starts to smile as he say
Vendor-Heh....i am not worrying about that because i have something in store as well! And that s why i am going to stop you once and for all

The boss-We will see that actually legendary spirit maker how much you can belive in such little fairy tale story you just talked about you shure wont ruin my plans!
Vendor-Fairy tale is real and your evil plans are down!
The boss starts to laught
The boss-Ahahahahahahhahaah

The boss say in his mind
The boss-That legendary spirit maker seriusly think he can stop my ultimate canon so i just let him belive that...

While the boss talked in his mind how vendor belive that he can do it to stop ultimate canon before 2 mints then...

He finish preparation to unleash ultimate canon as he say
The boss-I will make an very special suprise for legendar spirit maker just as i finished the preparations ahahahahah

Vendor in his mind-I have bad feeling about this!

Then as boss said that prepeation is finished then vendor said in his mind that he have bad feelings about this afther that something unexpected happens

Comptuer makes noise zzzzzzzzz
2 minutes till ultimate canon lounch!

Vendor notices it

The boss-Now when preparations are finished you have 2 minutes to stop ultimate canon what will you do legendary spirit maker!?
Vendor-I will stop it of course! Didnt you forget i said before?
The boss-Huh?
Vendor-You will see it very soon as i...

Vendor unleash an strong energy as he then
Vendor-Unleash my new attack! Called...

The boss!
Vendor-Light storm infinity!

Vendor unleash his new attack as he yells

The boss-Dont think this will work!
Vendor-I whouldnt be shure about that because this attack is shure going to do an big blow!
As vendors attack is still on going towards the ultimate canon then vendor s attack reach it and something unexpected happens

Vendors s Light storm infinity hited the ultimate canon as it started to shake
Computer zzzzzzz znshhhhhhhhh
The boss-What! that s just impossible
Vendor-I told you so now to stop that thing once and for all!

The boss-Argh this legendary spirit maker is seriusly irritating me he even managed to stop my ultimate canon there just must be something to stop his attack...

As boss got pissed that vendor s attack is almoust destroying ultimate canon then vendor still is pressing by using his attack at ultimate canon

While vendor is pressing it something fly around what could that be?

Vendor-Huh? What s that thing    he notices something
Vendor s attack got irritated by something strange


Vendor s attack gets deflected! and go towards him!
Vendor-How did...there s no time to think i must
Vendor s light storm infinity is still going towards vendor as he wondered why is this happening then vendor
Vendor jumps from left side to right

The boss-Ahahahahhaha whu s now tough boy your so called suprise failed!
Vendor-Sigh...what did just happen

While boss said that vendors attack isnt tough then vendor wondered what did happen actually and then

An strange energy is flowing around as it say

Dark energy-Ahahahahahhaha you wonder what happened kid! So heres  your answer its me...
Vendor looked at dark energy wondered what could that be
Vendor-Hey whu are you!
Dark energy-Dont you know me boy i am the darknesss!

While dark energy and vendor talked what is that thing actually then dark energy say its darkness as it starts to...

Make an appearance and then vendor say

Vendor-Now i remember you but wait a moment i tough that i stopped you when i used the sword to seal you how s that possible that you are out?
Dark spirit-Actually i dont that even my self but just as you sealed me with light sword i didnt get actually sealed just as you tough!
Dark spirit-That so called sword you used isnt actually what you need to seal me ahahahahaha so you see i am now out

Vendor-That canoot be!
Dark spirit-It shure can and i will make you pay for that you did to me!
Vendor-I wont alow you that!
Dark spirit-You think you are tough kid arent you?
Vendor-I am not saying that i am tough but i am strong just as i belive in my freinds and that is to defeat you and stop ultimate canon no matter what!
Dark spirit-Ahahahha dont joke around kid

Vendor-I am not joking at all
Dark spirit-Wait! Did you say that you are going to stop ultimate canon why it isnt already released?
Vendor-Its because i stopped it heh!
Dark spirit-You did!?

The boss-That s right he stopped my ultimate canon as you see...
Dark that s interesting for a small fry to do that!
The boss-Yet again i must thank you actually for defending the ultimate canon
Dark spirit-Now we are even!
The boss-I guess but you didnt hear what i have in store and that is new ultimate canon witch will be unleashed in 2 min will you hold that boy unitil then so i can become ruler?

Dark spirit-That s perfect! But...the only ruler whu will be is ME!
The boss-Ugh...this was big mistake even asking him but never mind

Vendor in his mind-What is this all about they are talking?

The boss-Ok that s fair then...
Dark spirit-So lets get back to bussnies he puts his right finger towards vendor
Dark spirit-Now kid! Its time that i settle the score with you now attack me
Vendor-I will beat you! for shure

Dark spirit-Come on already! Dont make me wait
Vendor-Here i come!
Vendor say in his mind-This is it i must be very carefull here i go

Vendor run towards dark spirit at full speed pshhhhhhshhhhhhh
Dark spirit notices!
Vendor jumps and attacks him as he...
Vendor raise his right hand as he hit him with thunder punch
Vendor-Thunder punch! Ha!

But then dark spirit just stands like nothing even happened as vendor
Vendor hits dark spirit with thunder punch while he cross trough him as he then say

Vendor-What? didnt i hit him actually
Dark spirit-Where are you hitting boy i am here
Vendor turn his head from left to right  and notices dark spirit
Vendor-How is that possible that i didnt hit you
Dark spirit-I guess you forgot the last time when we fighted...
Vendor-Oh yeah now i get it....i remember

Vendor-But i am not done just yet ha!
Dark spirit-Ahahahahahahahahaha you shure are funny boy indeed so what it will be?
Vendor-It will bee that i get serius here with my!

Vendor gets serius as he strikers as he rush back towards dark spirit while he unleash...
Cshhhh cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Vendor-Lighting! burst crash
Vendor go towards at full speed towards dark spirit and hit him
Dark spirit notices him as he say
Dark spirit-To weak once again boy

As vendor hitted dark spirit with lighting crash his lighting go trough dark spirit...
Dark spirit starts to make like energy flowing around him then vendor
Vendor-Not again...
Dark spirit returns back to normal as he say
Dark spirit-See now boy everything you do it ussles

Afther vendor had hard time hitting dark spirit then computer starts to make noise
Computer zzzzzzz
1 minute till launch!

The boss-Perfect just one min
Dark spirit-Did you hear this boy in just 1 minute the ultimate canon will be unleashed and then i will become the ruler my self ahahahahahahahahah
Vendor-Oh no you wont! I will stop you
Dark spirit-You chance of winning is zero ahahahahahahaha so you can just dream on

Vendor in his mind-I must try to use some other attack i didnt before....
Afther vendor thinks he remember but then dark spirit say
Dark spirit-What are you thinking boy?
Vendor-I am thinking how you should get beated!
Dark spirit-That s a good one
Vendor keeps to think then he decides to do it

Vendor-Allright get ready for my thunder rage fight
Vendor push his right hand towards the sky as he
Vendor-Ha!!! he release thunder energy

The thunder energy from the sky hits back towards his hand and then he...

Dark spirit in his mind-What is this boy trying to do with that?
Vendor-Thunder rage fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He hits with his hand on the floor releasing thunder energy towards dark spirit

Then dark spirit notices it
Dark spirit!
Vendor-Please work!
Dark spirit starts again to become an energy as vendor say
Vendor-No! you wont this time
Vendor creates something

Vendor create an cricle of thunder around dark spirit while its  still an energy where dark spirit is flowing

Pshhhhh pshhhh pshhhhhhtshhhhhhh!!!! Cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Dark spirit s energy gets thunder around but it still goes trough him

Dark spirit-Ugh....arghhhhhhhh
Vendor-Its actually working great!
Dark spirit-Not.....hrghhhh for long boy ha!!!!
Dark spirit release an energy barrier what push his thunder away!
Cshhhhhhh shhhhhhhh

Vendor-Gah....and i tough it will work but i almoust did it heh
Dark spirit-Ahahahahhha i must say you got me on edge here that i even musted unleash my dark barrier yet still you didnt beat me boy
Vendor say in his mind-I was so close!
Vendor-You may think i didnt do it but i almoust did it actually even so it didnt work you can see the progress already
Dark spirit-Ahahahahahhahahahha

Afther that when vendor and dark spirit talked when vendor almoust got dark spirit afther that
Computer starts to make zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Computer zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zero
Starting the procces to launch ultimate canon!

Vendor-Now i just needed that great!
The boss-Finally!

Dark spirit-So you see now i meant boy this you just saw is where i will soon rule as ultimate canon reach the sky

Vendor-Dont you worry about that because i am going to stop it actually!
Dark spirit-Ahahahahaha what are you babling about kid? I told you already serval times that you cant just leave it and stop joking ok?
Vendor-I am very serius i am talking about and for that reason i am going to show you as well...
Dark spirit-Just stop it...i had it enough already of that

Vendor raises his wings while dark spirit talked...and then vendor say
Vendor-As i fly to! Stop ultimate canon  
While vendor fly towards the ultimate canon then dark spirit say

Dark spirit-What!? you have wings interesting...but!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vendor-And now i am going to stop it for real!

Vendor jumps as he fly up to go off the base but then something unexpected happens!

Dark spirit appeared unexpected witch stops vendor from going as then dark spirit hits him and say

Vendor notices him and say-Huh? How did he

Dark spirit did an unexpected blow as he hit vendor and then vendor crash down!
Vendor-Ugh...cough cough...
Dark spirit walks towards vendor as then vendor is getting up and say
Vendor-That was one dirty trick you just did now!
Dark spirit-I did everything what was suposted to be done as you see i wont let you go this time either you will stay right here!
Vendor gets pissed up...

Dark spirit-Ahahahahh get pissed that s what i want you make me stronger
Vendor-Whu said that i am pissed eh?
Dark spirit-Huh? are you joking with me again
Vendor-If that s what you want then you will get it!
Dark spirit-What are you talking about boy you see ultimate canon will reach it in a moment as i become the ruler ahahahahahahah
Vendor-Dont you worry i will stop you before it even reach the sky
Dark spirit-Tell me how will you do it
Vendor-I shure have something in store

Dark spirit-Then show me!
Vendor-Yes i will!

Vendor-And that is where i stopped ultimate canon actually! Its called
Vendor release an energy from his right hand as he yells
Vendor keep saying-Light storm infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Light storm infinity go towards dark spirit!
Dark spirit notices it as he say in his mind
Dark spirit-So that s what he did to stop ultimate canon...

While vendor unleashed his attack towards dark spirit and he said that this is what he did to stop ultimate canon then...

Light storm infinity is going towards dark spirit still while dark spirit

Dark spirit-But!
Dark spirit release an energy

And then afther dark spirit release the energy vendors  light storm infinity hits him!
Dark spirit grabs vendor s attack like nothing

Dark spirit grabed vendor s attack as he becomed an energy then vendor say
Vendor-What!? he grabbed my attack i guess i must extend it then   afther dark spirit grabed vendors  attack then he yells

Vendor pressed his attack while dark spirit is still grabing it....
Dark spirit while grabbing say
Dark spirit-Its ussles boy even trying
Vendor-I dont think it is!
Dark spirit-Ahahahahahaha.....
Vendor-You wont laught that long!  Vendor press it even stronger as he give his all!
Vendor-I beat you for shure ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While vendor gived his all then dark spirit is getting a bit pushed by vendor s attack dark spirit then say

Dark spirit-I am sorry to say this boy but this game ends now!
Dark spirit starts to absorb vendor s attack!
Pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zzzzznnnnshhhhh znshhhhh
Vendor-What is he doing? Ughhhhhhhh my attack is getting all...

What is dark spirit trying to do?

While dark spirit is absorbing vendor s attack vendor is still pushing it then something unexpected happened

Vendor s attack got all absorbed by dark spirit as the wind show around
Wooosh woooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Dark spirit appears!
Vendor-What did you just do?
Dark spirit-I told you so boy...and since you are wondering i absorbed your attack and now i am stronger like never before ahahahahahaha
Vendor-Damn it!
Dark spirit-Ahahahahah get pissed that i get even stronger now!
Vendor-Sigh yet again there must be something else i should do....
Dark spirit-As i said anything you do is ussles

Vendor-No it isnt i will do one last attack
Vendor fast rush towards dark spirit as he notices him while vendor yells
-Lighting burst crash-
Dark spirit-Huh? Another attack...

Vendor unleash his attack at dark spirit as he is near him and then dark spirit prepares as vendor hits him...but

Again vendor cross trough him...while he unleashed his attack dark spirit started to laught

Dark spirit-Ahahahahahahahhah....
Then some light start shining around him as he say
Dark spirt-What?
Vendor-Heh! Now you see whu will laugh first i can now go and save this world
Dark spirit-I am sorry to tell you boy but this attack doesnt work either...
Vendor-But i saw it that you got all lightened just how?
Dark spirit-I am much more powerfull as i absorbed your attack and i am darkness off course you will need much more to beat me ahahahahahhahahahaha....

Vendor-Just...screw it all i was so near but got in this messed up situation what should i do...

While vendor and dark spirit talked vendor kinda lost hope because he cant beat dark spirit and then someone appears

???????-Hey do you really think that you just said?
Vendor-I know that i can do much becuase he is to strong and wait whu s talking here?
???????-Heh...heh whu else that....
Edgar appears!

Vendor-Edgar? but how
Edgar-As you see alot things happened....and i changed
Vendor-That s awesome i am glad you now see things from diffrend ascpect
Edgar-Hahahahahahah thats indeed right i already alot sorry about everything before what happened i know that i cant change it but....
Vendor-I understand edgar things what happened before is now past....the only thing witch is now is to go towards future
Edgar-Well...thanks i guess but i have some suprise for you!
Vendor-What could that be?

Edgar-You can come out now...
Shenna comes out as she says
Shenna-Hey vendor!
Vendor-Shenna? But wasnt you exousted
Shenna-Yeah i was but its an long story i got healed by edgar and so....on
Vendor-I see...i am glad to hear that you now dont feel eny revenge

Shenna-Mhm...yea i changed my mind now
Vendor-I understand!

Vendor-But now i have to find a way how to defeat this guy
Dark spirit!

Shenna-Hey that s the guy i figthed....isnt he sealed?
Edgar-No because half of its power got into my sword...i know it was mistake
Shenna-Oh ok....but dont blame your self for that trough
Edgar-I know...

Vendor-Listen to her edgar she s wise she said...
Edgar-Well you are going to fight this guy?
Vendor-Yes! even so he is still strong but i must beat him before ultimate canon reach the sky...
Edgar-This is bad!
Vendor-I know right...

Edgar looks towards dark spirit as he say-Hey you! remember me?
Dark spiirt-Oh its you looks like that we meet again hahahahahaa but what does that even matter enyways...

Vendor-Edgar you know this guy as well?
Edgar-Yes...we fough actually as he took over you
Vendor-That was one bad experience i dont want to remmeber...
Edgar-Well its ok...dont worry about that now we have much important things to worry about such as this guy how to beat him

Vendor-Yeah you are right on that edgar there must be an way how to defeat dark spirit and thats  why you two stay here while i try something


Vendor-Lets get serius now!
Dark spirit-You still didnt learn your lesson?
Vendor-My lesson huh? That lesson i will make to beat you

Vendor in his mind say-This guy will be really an tough one how can i beat him?

Vendor-But! I am still not...  vendor gets interupted as edgar calls him

Edgar-Hey vendor...


Vendor notices edgar as he called him as edgar say

Edgar-I am going to fight to!
Vendor-What! but i told you already before he is to strong to deal with him

Edgar-Yeah i know that but since i meet my mother i changed alot things happened trough that i got an very nice suprise witch i didnt expend even my self...

Vendor-That s awesome to hear edgar i am glad actually but i just wonder what kinda of power is that can you show it?

Edgar-Hahahahhahaha of course here i go!

Edgar-Light maker Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dark spirit-What he to!?

Vendor and shenna!

Vendor-You becomed light maker to how s that possible?
Edgar-I told you before that i changed and while i learned new things i got this new power i am shure that we can combine our powers againts this guy

Vendor-Well its worth a try  but we have to be fast ok?
Edgar-Shure! Lets give it a go...

Dark spirit-Dont think that this will work on me kids!

Vendor and edgar-Try us! We are going to beat you for shure...

Finally vendor stopped the ultimate canon but it didnt go as planned when it was stopped and released once again as dark spirit is in the way vendor has hard time dealing with him but then someone unexpected came edgar! witch showed an suprise and shenna appeared and there s even more suprises edgar becomed light maker to witch was unexpected now our heroes are going to fight dark spirit can they stop him before ultimate canon reach the sky and can vendor stop him on time to save the world? Only time can tell

Chapter end
Spirit maker chapter 98 I am going to fight to
Today i decided to upload next spirit maker chapter and it wasnt easy one either i had hard time writting it to even re writting it but once or twice that i even got stuck with 2 parts of same scene well diffrend scene for both but just realised it then i had again hard time how to make it better as in fixing it so as i was checking it serval times i just

removed some parts witch made story stuck like that the story can flow properly that  was must annoying thing ever ugh i hate it but now i managed it somehow to work as story prooced smoothly so i am happy now that i can upload Spirit maker chapter 98

phew i finally managed to finish the chapter yay hip hip huray

As well Spirit maker chapter 98 will be full of suprises to but to see it you will have to read it of course i hope you will like it my freinds
Spirit maker chapter 97 True legendary spirit maker mode the supreme dragon form

As vendor had trouble with dark spirit s attacks  in the collision between light and darkness attack vendor was losing but he got support as he heared voice from the sword and then
Vendor appeared came into light dimension where he released someone from the sword witch was helga edgar s mother as they talked helga wanted to apologize for her son behavior but

vendor understand and she praised vendor for that as well because he was brave as she knows that he is the choosen one of light also she let a hand to vendor to stop dark spirit attack while they talked vendor got out of the light dimension and was in the collision

Right afther he was in the collision he was almoust losing but now for long as helga helped vendor to stop dark spirit with united forces they released strong attack called Lighting wave burst ignition and then vendor wondered will it work but it didnt dark spirit was standing like it  was nothing going on! And then while vendor and dark spirit talked the computer made a noise saying how theres  40 seconds that ultimate blast unleash as it charges!

And then vendor noticed how dark spirit again attack with dark sword as vendor notices him attacking he said that this is an illusion as he concertated just as dark spirit attacked vendor unleashed lighting burst crash to stop him it was bearly stopped because dark spirit s attack was very strong but dark spirit canted belive how is that possible as vendor answered him

That he is the choosen one of the light but dark spirit didnt belive him
But vendor said belive it or not he will show he can do yet dark spirit said how he may did stop the weapon but not the countdown and then vendor got worried as there is 20 second left just afther that helga answered to vendor but vendor said how he cant be distrubed

But helga insisted to explain him what to do as vendor decided to use edgar sword to hit the dark spirit as he tryed it it didnt work at first and he even lost it as dark spirit told him where it is he run towards it as he grabed it back then dark spirit wondered what s this sword as vendor explained him how its edgar and how inside is his mother helga witch is a spirit

Just afther that computer again answered that there is 10 seconds and that was must annoying part for vendor because he had to hit dark spirit before he reached 10 seconds as he attacked him again and now he made a better strategy witch actually worked when dark spirit pushed an wave of air at vendor then vendor jumped by using lighting wave as he jumped at him by

hitting the dark spirit with the edgar sword then the light spreads trough him witch was almoust on time as 4 seconds was left was great strategy and action!
And now when vendor hit the dark spirit with edgar sword helga thanked vendor for saving

edgar as vendor answered her no problem and that he has still 4 seconds to stop the ultimate
canon then edgar was folowing into the air and tough its enemy but it wasnt it was his mother
then edgar talked with her and wanted to hug her but he canted because she was  a spirit as

they was talking edgar then edgar was sorry what he did while his mother helga listened and
was proud of him to hear that and then edgar  realised what happened actually that her mother
was ill witch was dark spirit s doing

Afther edgar heared his mother story he understanded everything and that he wasnt well behaving how he call vendor prey and that he should apologize to his freind nina just afther that his mother was happy he realised as she give him an gift!
And then afther the talk between edgar and his mother helga vendor had 4 seconds to break

the barrier just as he used lighting wave the barrier was breaking as there was 1 sec he
unleashed lighting wave extend limit witch didnt work on ultimate canon and that s when the ultimate canon charged as it reached zero into the air and vendor got shocked  this is very bad! Will vendor stop the ultimate canon witch reached the air before it spreads? Only time can tell

The battle was very intense between vendor and dark spirit but he managed to stop him with edgar sword witch removed edgar from darkness but something bad happened vendor didnt manage to stop ultimate canon on time!

Vendor looked shocked at the ultimate canon witch goes towards the air!
As vendor is looking at the ultimate canon

Ultimate canon is almoust reaching the air and then...
The tremor starts pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshhhhh!!!

Random people notice the tremor of what ultimate canon is making as they say
Random person-Aaaaaa.....what s going on..
They start run as another person say
Random person 2-Ugh From where is this coming from?
Random person 3-Argh....aaaaaa    he grabs for something to hold on
Random person 4-Help!

As everyone noticed the tremor people was yelling like crazy!

They was heared even at the castle where was dominic
While he was sleeping the tremor got him up!
Dominic while sleeping say
Dominic-Zzzz...what s tha...tttt!
Cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the tremor going on unitil
Solider barge in and say
Solider-Sire! Its emergency!
Dominic-What happened!
Solider-People! Are yelling all around some kind of tremor is happening!
Dominic-This is bad! I must do something about this did you call my dad?
Solider-Actually we just came here...
Dominic-Ok call my dad quick!
Solider-Yes sire!

While dominic said to solider to call his dad the king was walking
The king-Ugh...this tremor from where its coming from...
While king worried from where is tremor coming from then solider noticed king to tell him about situation

The king-What s going on?
Solider-The strange tremor is happening currently
The king-An tremor?
Solider-Yes! But we dont know what it caused it
The king-Let me go and see it!

The king runs up the top of the castle
While he run on top he said
The king-Ugh this tremor is hard...
He holds for the walls as he was running and then
He reached the top!
The king then walks towards balcony and looks forward

The king-What s that!?
Solider-It  looks like that the radiation of this thing is causing the tremor sire!
Just as king wondered what that could be
He noticed an strange blast going towards the air!
Just as the king noticed the blast into the air then dominic comes and say
Dominic-Woah....that thing is shure big isnt
The king-This is dangerous sitution my son!
Dominic-Yeah i know i wonder whu did that....

Scene at Marijan and lucija

Cshhh the tremor was there as well as in many other places...

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the noise was heared of tremor
Marijan-What the....    the tremor was going on but it wasnt that strong
Marijan called his daugther lucija if she s safe
Marijan-Lucija! Are you ok?
Lucija-Yes dad!
Marijan-Just what s going on out there! I must check it out

He then go out as the he noticed an giant blast into the air!
Marijan-Ugh...This blast is giant!
As he said how the blast is giant he wondered from where that came from and then...

Scene changes to Sakura and dean while they lunch!

Sakura while she s eating notice something strange and say
Sakura-Wh...aaat s this thing ugh...
Dean-Mom! Ugh
Sakura-Son lets go outside to check what s this about ok?

They go outside and notice!

Dean-Mom it sounds like that an strange giant blast is blasting around!
Sakura-This is bad! Son  i wonder why this even happened
Dean-Me to mom
Sakura-Lets go inside the house whe are more safe there ok?
Dean-Ok mom!

They go back in the house

Then as the everyone noticed the blast witch is in the air flowing scene changes

Scene changes back to vendor and the boss...

Vendor watch the giant blast still as he say in his mind
Vendor in his mind-I was to late to stop that weapon if i just sooner did it....

Boss-Ahahahahha.....The ultimate canon is launched and now i will be come the ruler!
Vendor-I will stop it! no matter what...
Boss-Ahahahahahah dont joke around boy that s just impossible...
Vendor-There is always a way and i will show it! but before that

-I will save my freind shenna-

Boss-Huh? Tell me boy how will you do it
Vendor go forward with fast speed towards shenna as he say
Vendor-Like this!
Vendor fast appeared near shenna and then...
Vendor-Shenna i will save you now!
Vendor try to do something to save his freind shenna but...
Vendor-Huh why this isnt going off?
Boss-You cant remove this boy ahahahahha
Vendor-Give me back my freind shenna!

Boss-Well...i guess i can do that when the ultimate canon is already in the air and she s ussles enyways so here..
He opens the door
Shenna feels down...
Vendor quick grabs her and say
Vendor-Shenna...we finally meet again

Vendor-Please open your eyes shenna!
Boss-She cant respond you boy she used all her energy
Vendor doesnt listen he say and then
Vendor-Shenna please!!!
Then something unexpected happens
Shenna-ugh..aahhhh eh she slowly open her eyes
Vendor-Sniff sniff...shenna you finally got awake
Shenna-Huh what happend where am i?

Vendor-You are in the bandits base freind finally you are back!
Shenna-Vendor? Its you thanks for saving me sniff
Vendor-Of course! And no problem still there s some things i have to do currently like saving the world! always good old vendor i am glad to see you back again ugh...
Vendor-Please shenna dont speak you used to much energy
Shenna-Its ok..ugh aaa but....please stop these guys
Vendor-Yes i will!
Shenna fells asleep
Vendor put shenna near an wall

Then vendor say while looking at shenna
Vendor in his mind-I managed to save my shenna Finally i did it but this isnt just over yet i must stop...

-The ultimate canon-

Vendor returns back
Vendor-And now to finish this
Vendor looks at boss with confident face

Boss-Boy just because you saved your freind it doesnt mean that you can destroy ultimate canon ahahahahaha! Just understand it already that you lost this battle
Vendor-Nothing is lost just yet! If you dont remember i breaked this barrier of yours
Boss-Huh? What non sense is this boy
Vendor-If you dont belive me then i will show it to you
As vendor said not just yet then continue to say...
Vendor-Because! He put his hand up towards the sky as then
Cshhh...cshhhhh cshhh!
The thunder is making noise as boss then say

Vendor gather energy of thunder cshhh cshh cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! And then he say
Vendor-I am going to stop it for real!  He relase his hand as he hits the ground
Thunder rage!
He released the energy of thunder on the ground witch goes towards the weapon
Cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cshhh cshhh...

Just as vendor s attack reach the the ultimate canon weapon and then...
Ultimate canon defelect it like nothing! didnt work
Boss-Ahahahahah ahahahhahaahha didnt i tell you already that its ussles!

Vendor-Not again! what should i do...
Boss-Just leave it boy there s nothing you can do it enymore and this proves it!
Vendor-There must be still something left to do
There must be! Because if i dont stop it everyone will turn bad
Vendor-I will give it one more time and it must work for another blow!

Boss-What are you trying again to do boy
Vendor-Its not over just yet

As vendor said that the boss shut up he then gathered energy as he say
Vendor look at his hand as he say in his mind
Vendor in his mind-This must work! Cshhhhh cshhhh
-It must-
Vendor unleash an attack as he say
Vendor-Lighting burst wave! Ha!!!!

But something unexpected then happens because the legendary spirit maker mode get s back to normal as vendor then notice...
Vendor-Huh...what s happening
Boss-Ahahahahahahahahahah what was that about you talked about?
Vendor look at him self as he say-What just happened to me why did i lose it doesnt it mean that i used to many energy?

Boss-Didnt i tell you boy
Vendor hits the ground as he say-Damit! I used to much power that i didnt realise it did i really lose this battle?
Boss-Yes just stay still boy while ultimate canon reach the air everyone will turn bad and will be under my command ahahahahahah
Vendor-No! this battle is not lost i promised everyone to save this world and i will not break what i promised

Vendor screams as boss hears
Vendor-This battle isnt lost and it will never be lost for the likes of you!
Boss-What an speech then tell me boy how will you achive it with so called lost power?
Vendor-I may not know an solution but i know that i can save this world because i am
The chosen one of the light!
Boss-Ahahahahahahahah not this again you really dont know when to stop dont you i am not enymore scared of you
Vendor-Belive it or not i will save this world and i know that i can do it yeah i can! because everything is on the line

For that reason!
I will stop this ultimate canon! I know that i can do it

The light flash around vendor as boss
Boss-Huh? What s this light  he covers the hands

Vendor-yes i belive that i can do it!

While vendor belived that he can save the world thne the light flashed and then

Vendor gets in another dimension
As he floats...and then

Vendor noticed something strange as he say
Vendor-This place!

As vendor wondered about this place being familiar the spirit ball shined and then...
Spirit ball was flashing as it made noise
then someone appears and say

Anvar say while walking
Anvar-It looks like that the time has finally come to meet again!
While anvar said that time has come to meet again then vendor say
Vendor-Yeah...and wait a moment you re!?
Anvar-Hahahahaha child it looks like that you remember me?
Vendor-Whu are you again?
Anvar-Wait! You dont remember me at all?

Vendor-I guess not since some time passed afther all ugh...
Anvar-Its ok child since you forgot i will remaind you so my name is Anvar!
Vendor-I see now you are the guy whu told me about ultimate canon!
Anvar-Hahahahha that s right child it looks like that you remember me very well now

Anvar-Do you actually know why you are here?
Vendor-Actually not why i am here?

Anvar-You entered inside eternal whitness because you belived that you can save the world child
Vendor-Now i get it and of course i belive that i can save the world but i messed up i didnt manage to stop ultimate canon on time and so many things happened you know

Anvar-Its ok child....i know everything what happened because i am inside the spirit
Anvar-Ahahahhaha dont worry and i see that you managed to save your freinds that s very brave of you child

Vendor-Thanks i did my best to save my freind shenna and edgar from darkness but one thing as i said i didnt manage to stop witch is ultimate canon that thing is hard as rock to still there must be a way to stop it through

Anvar-That s the spirit child! if you belive that you can do it then it can bring wonders!
As for ultimate canon you just talked its impossible to destroy it with light maker half power!
Vendor-What do you mean by that?

Anvar-Do you remember child when we talked 2nd legendary spirit maker mode aka dragon form?
Vendor-Well i think i do but through fog sorry...
Anvar-Its allright i guess i will remaind you so lets see hmm...the 2nd legendary spirit maker mode aka dragon mode is what you actually need to stop ultimate canon!
Vendor-I get it! so that s why my legendary spirit maker mode half power didnt work sigh...
Anvar-That s right child it looks like you learned it quick

-And that s why the time has finally come that you unleash 2nd form of light maker to its full power-

Vendor-Awesome! but how can i achive that actually and you see i lost my power in the battle againts edgar and the dark spirit...

Anvar-Child dont you worry everything will be explained with time be paitent also i can actually heal your powers back...
Vendor-Oh ok and wait for real you can heal my powers that i can use legendary spirit maker again?
Anvar-Yes! Now please come here...

Vendor comes near anvar as then anvar say to heal your powers back

Anvar puts hand on vendor and then

Znshhhh zsnhhhhh

Anvar keep saying-Heal powers hear my command to return the choosen one of the light to full power!
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znnn znn znn the light keeps spreading around vendor
The flash of light starts bursting around him and then anvar say
Anvar-Do you noticing anything child?
Vendor-Woah! i feel like new now
Anvar-Great! that means that now you are healed! um can you do that thing 2nd mode unleash or how do you do that?
Anvar-Be patient child i will explain now so you listen carefully
Vendor-I get...i get it sigh
Anvar-Ahahahahahaha dont worry it wont be long so lets get to the point
Anvar explains to vendor about 2nd half power of legendary spirit maker

Anvar-2nd half power of light maker witch is called supreme dragon form actually lays with you
Vendor-Wait...that form already lays with me?
Anvar-try remember it when we talked about it last time when wee meet witch was when time comes you will get it
Vendor-When you say that i do remember a bit hmm

Flash back
Anvar-Child this power already lays with you but it can be only unleashed when time is right and that s unitil our next meet!

Vendor-I remember now! so thats  what you meant by that i have it already and that i will get it when times is right?
Anvar-Thats  correct you are clever

Anvar-No problem child heh you are brave and that s why that time has finally come that you unleash supreme dragon form!
Vendor-Great so can you do it now since i remembered?
Anvar-Child now i will explain you in simple steps

You see the first step is that you unleash legendary spirit maker

Afther vendor talked to anvar he unleash legendary spirit maker mode again!

Here goes! Spirit maker legendary spirit maker mode unleash!
Vendor-So what should i do now?
Anvar-Nothing just stay still

Anvar-Ok child now s the time to unlock the supreme dragon form!
Vendor saying in his mind-Finally...

Anvar then say
Anvar-Unleashing magic hear my command to realease 2nd half power of legendary spirit maker to save the world!
Znnn znnnn shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhh!
Vendor notice light flash
Znnshhhh znshhhh zsnhhhh
Anvar-Ha!  now unleash...

Znnnnnn shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The ligt flash flow around vendor as vendor say

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... znnnn znnnnn shhh wooosh!!!
The light flash stops and then vendor appears

Vendor-So did i unleash now that new supreme dragon form because i dont feel like eny change at all...

Anvar-That s normal child with supreme dragon form!
Vendor-What do you mean by that?
Anvar-It means that you need to wait some time to actually unleash

Vendor-When you say that...but i still dont feel anything no wait!
Pshhhhhh shhh!! Woosh wooosh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Vendor-Now i notice it! this is amazing so that means that i finally unleashed supreme dragon form you talked about?
Anvar-Thats  right child
Vendor-Yahooo! I did it
Anvar-Hahahahhahaha that s the spirit child i see alot of joy in you and confidence
Vendor-Of course and that s why i am going to stop ultimate canon right now! so can i go?
Anvar-Not yet!
Vendor-Huh? But you said that i go when i unleash this 2nd half form
Anvar-Yes i did child but there s something i need to tell you first ok...
Vendor-Oh ok....

Anvar-Good so before you go i will tell you this

-Save this world from the bandits whu unleashed  the ultimate canon you are our only hope the choosen one of the light now s your turn to show what you can do-

Vendor-Yeah!!!! i will no matter what i will stop it once and for all
Vendor-Also can i go now?
Anvar-Now you can go!

Anvar-Ahahahaha you are funy one child and now to send you back to your world are you ready?
Vendor-Yes i am!

Anvar unleash magic to send vendor back to his place

Anvar say to vendor-I belive in you child!
Vendor go to his world with confident face as he say
Vendor-I wont dissapoint you!

Scene changes back to bandits  base

The light flash around!
As boss notices

Boss-What is this light?
He puts his hands on his face!

Znshhhhhhhhhhh wooosh woosh woosh the light flash still and then stops unitil!

Vendor appears out of the dust!
Boss notices vendor and say
Boss-So its you! again...

Vendor in his mind-With this true legendary spirit mode i will put to stop to this!

Vendor-I am much diffrend that before!
Boss-You are going again with this? when will you understand already?
Vendor-I am not even joking this is my true legendary spirit maker mode!
Boss-True legendary spirit make mode huh?
Vendor-Well its complicated to explain but this you saw before was just half of what i used and now i am using true legendary spirit maker mode and its actual name is

The supreme dragon form!

Vendor-and that s why i am going to put an stop to this right now!

-To stop the ultimate canon- i know the ultimate canon is already half away to reach my goal dont think that i am scared of that changes you use

Vendor-I am very much aware of that but you dont know one thing! Witch is that this true legendary spirit maker mode can do same thing as what anvar did!
Boss-Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat! No this cant be its impossible
Vendor-Its very much possible and i am going to show it right now!

Vendor put his look up towards the canon as he raise his wings!

Boss remember anvar

Boss-You cant stop us legendary spirit maker!
Anvar-Try me! i will stop this
Boss-How will you do it?
Anvar-With my true legendary spirit maker form
He raise his wings and fly towards ultimate canon

Boss-Damit it all! Its you allright but still you cant stop it its to far allready hahahahaha
Vendor-Dont you worry i will stop it very quick

Afther vendor told him how he will stop the ultimat canon very quick he fly towards the sky

Vendor is still flying towards the sky while ultimate canon...
Ultimate canon is half way in the sky to spread gas of evil
Vendor-Oh no you wont reach it!
Ultimate canon is still on going while vendor!
Vendor fly fast up! To reach ultimate canon
Vendor-Ha!!! i must be fast because everything is on the line...

Ultimate canon...
Ultimate cannon is still on going then...
Vendor cross over the ultimate canon finally!
And starts to yell!

Vendor-I will stop this ultimate canon once and for all!
Vendor gathers energy and starts to yell
Vendor-With this attack!

He pull his right hand up as he then smash it further and keep saying!

Vendor-Lighting storm! Ha!
As vendor unleashed lighting burst crash then

Ultimate canon fly towards vendor lighting burst crash witch he unleahsed

Vendor say in his mind while ultimate canon is going towards his attack

Vendor-This is it! everything depends on my attack...

Finally vendor managed to save his freind shenna but not the ultimate canon yet he achived his new power 2nd half of legendary spirit maker called supreme dragon of thunder and now s the time to stop ultimate canon once and for all will he manage to do it?  only time can tell

Chapter end
Spirit maker chapter 97 The supreme dragon form
Since i uploaded last time Spirit maker chapter 96 today i decied even to upload Spirit maker chapter 97 since its finished of course with adjustment again this chapter as well wasnt that easy to write even so its a bit random again so i hope you will like it my freinds enjoy reading
Spirit maker chapter 96 Please save my son from darkness

Just afther vendor finally won againts edgar things didnt go well as he tough will be going because the count down ended that ultimate cannon edgar talked with dark spirit unitil dark spirit told he he will put him in the dark cage but before that he said about something he doesnt know witch was the voice of dark spirit as edgar remembered the flash back it was all

along the darkness edgar was really surprised by that yet darkness said how this wasnt all he knew as a lie how he got betreyed it was a lie the darkness said to about taking him to the bandits  base and how he works for the bandits and that they he is freinds with the boss afther that dark spirit gave edgar a choice to decide between freindship and power and edgar

choosed power witch was an wrong answer and that s why he was imprisonated into dark cage and darkness got out as he got out he meet vendor as vendor noticed him to dark spirit wondered about him is he still thinking about power and how he changed but vendor answered him that he isnt like that enymore and that he unleashed legendary spirit maker

mode as he defeated him self dark spirit said how vendor should fear him but vendor didnt and he said how he will stop the ultimate canon just as he said that dark spirit talked with the boss about an plan how was that possible that they where a freinds but then the boss explained and the boss told the darkness to keep off vendor from it unitil he unleashed it just afther that

vendor said how he wont alow him to as he go towards but dark spirit stop him and then vendor unelashsed lighting wave but it didnt work he wondered how did he absorb it then darkness explained and vendor remembered his fight with edgar when he used dark power afther that vendor tough of another idea by using lighting flash but again didnt work because

this was same thing what happened to edgar to and this isnt easy to deal with because dark spirit appeared behaind vendor s back afther he finished unleashing lighting flash that s why things didnt go as vendor tough it will go he needs to find a way how to stop ultimate canon and dark spirit as he then gets  an idea to unleash Light burst crash just as he did to edgar to

stop his recovery but just as vendor hit dark spirit at right time it didnt work how it worked on edgar this was just hard to deal with because vendor cant hit the dark spirit yet again vendor tough of another solution to find a way to hit dark spirit and that was lighting wave extended version aka Lighthing wave extend burst just as he unelashed that for some reason dark spirit

stopped it because it was very diffrend from easy one vendor before unleashed still dark spirit grabed the attack like nothing and unleashed dark blast right at him and they both clashed then as vendor had hard time he was losing by the dark spriit dark flash just afther dark spirit was using dark flash at vendor s lighting wave extended then unkown voice was saying that

vendor dont give up hope he must give his best but vendor was confused from where thatvoice comes from then the sword shinines brigther and brings him to another dimension as vendor release someone from the shining sword and whu could that be he released? Only time can tell

Alot things happened as vendor fighted dark spirit he tryed everything even lighting burst crash but it didnt work at all yet he tryed lighting wave extended and still nothing he almoust even lost but as shining sword told him to not lose he wondered as he got to another dimension unitil he releases something out and then...

Vendor released an person from the sword witch sword spoke to him
Sword-Please release me out child that i introduce!
And now while vendor was releasing the person from the sword someone came out as vendor notice it....
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znnnn znnnnn shhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Someone appears very unkown yet known whu s  that person?
Vendor-Whu could that be...
As vendor see the person and wonders whu s the person as he may know it then it say
Unkown person-Sorry about that child that i had to get out in the middle of the fight so i will
Vendor-Its ok because if i wasnt saved by you i whould be shure toast i should thank you
Helga-Yongsters its not a problem child
Vendor-Whu are you actually?
Helga-Ahahahaha how could i forget that let me introduce it to you
-My name is helga and i am ed..a
Vendor-What! you are edgar  s mother
Helga-Dont interupt me while i am talking and wait how do you know that child?

Vendor-I was in the world where you before lived and there i meet ethan as he told me about edgar what happened...
Helga-Now i understand what happened still i am sorry what my son done to you and everyone else i just wished he wasnt like that how he is now!
Vendor-Its not your fault neither is his i learned that when i listended to whole story what happened actually he just wanted to save you but then he took my freind sheena to unleash ultimate canon as he now becomed dark spirit
Helga-I understand but still thats  terrible i never imaginated that this will happen from my child to be like that to save me sniff...sniff
Vendor-Everything is ok because i know i can do it as i will save everyone
Helga-You are brave child now i see that you can really save this world! Tell me what is your name?

Vendor-Wait i tough you know it?
Helga-Not actually
Vendor-Ups...sorry again my name is Vendor!
Helga-Its ok child and i see that you are promised to an choosen child of light
Vendor-Thanks! And wait same i heared from spirit master to that i am choosen to defend this world you knew it to?
Helga-Of course i know it child i can see already its in you and thats  why i bringed you here
Vendor-Now i get it! Heh
Helga-But i have on request to ask from you child!

Helga-Please save my son from the darkness he got into and make him into light!
Vendor-I will no matter what because that s i promised ethan to and i wont break this promise ever! But will i get out now?
Helga-That s what i wanna hear child  and dont worry you will go out very soon but before that i need to tell you something
Vendor-What do you mean?
Helga-Well how to put it child when you get out i will help you to unleash stronger attack to stop the dark spirit and then you will give it to my son edgar can you do that?

Vendor-I get it now and will do my best so can i go now?
Helga-Ok now we can return back are you ready to get back to your world where you colide powers?
Helga-Get ready because this will be tough flight!  
Helga releases vendor from the shining sword and put him back into real world
Cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh

As vendor gets into real world where he is coliding with dark spirit by using lighting wave extend burst!

Vendor appears back as he say while the sword shines
Vendor unleashing lighting wave extend burst as he is almoust losing as he say i am back this sounded like a dream but...
He notices how hard this is that dark spirit s dark blast is near him
Vendor-Ugh....he is almoust near me!
The sword shines as vendor notices
Vendor-No wait this isnt a dream! Cshhhhh znshhhhh
Helga-Do you hear me child we will together unleash the attack!
Vendor-Yes i do!

Dark spirit-Where are you spacing off boy dont you see that you are losing?
Vendor-I dont think so because i will shure win this fight!
Dark spirit-Ahahahahahahahah dont joke around he released stronger dark flash as he put the dark flash even further
Vendor-Gah! Vendor push it further as then the sword flash and starts talk
Helga-Can you hold it just a little child?
Vendor-I am trying but he s just strong ugh
Cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znshhhhh

Dark spirit s dark flash is close to vendor as vendor then give his best but then...
Dark spirit-This is far from over boy ahahahahahahahah this ends now! ha
Vendor-Argh....a......not i wont lose it! The dark flash is very close to vendor as then helga answers
Helga-Ok now i am done child get ready!
Vendor in his mind-Finally!
Then vendor starts to shine brigther as then
Dark spirit-Huh why is he shining so brigth?

Helga-Now combine two attacks into one!
Vendor combinated the attack witch helga gave him as he then
Cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znshhhhh
Vendor yells-Lighting wave burst ignition!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vendors push off the dark spirit s attack in the middle as dark spirit say
Dark spirit-What!? no this cant be no this wont go through me he push it little off but then
Vendor-Ha!!!!!!!!!!! Lighting wave burst ignition full power!!!
He push it off by using full power as he released all he got and then
Dark spirit!
He gets hit by the vendor s attack and then...

The dust starts to go all around as vendor say

Vendor-Didnt it work? Pant pant
Dark spirit appears out of the dust as he say
Dark spirit-Nope you didnt beat me boy i am still here standing did you really think that this attack of yours will work?
Vendor-But at least i  stopped your attack as i hit you!
Dark spirit-I see that you quite of comedian boy ahahahahahaha but dont think that this showed enything
Vendor in his mind-This is getting more intense that ever
Vendor-Well thanks but now i will defeat you!
Dark spirit-Ahahahahahha that was a good one did you forget that i am darkness?
Vendor-I didnt forget because now i know
Dark spirit-Stop dreaming boy...
Afther the dark between vendor and dark spirit then something unexpected happens
The boss activates the ultimate canon as then computer say

Computer-Ultimate canon starting...launch

The gate starts to open
Vendor in his mind-This is bad!
The boss-Finally ahaahhahahaah now ultimate canon is starting!
Dark spirit-Great! now boy what you will do?
Vendor-I will stop you before it reach the air!
Dark spirit-I think this is enough already boy! No more talk enyways
Hey how many till this canon launch?
The boss-Its 40 seconds more or less
Dark spirit-Ok this will be quite enough and now prepare boy!
Vendor gets  ready as dark spirit do something and then
Dark spirit cross through vendor as he say
Dark spirit-Ahahahahah can you handle this boy?
He starts to run in cricle very fast

Vendor in his mind-Not this again...i must concertate to keep up with his speed
Yes concertate!!!
While dark spirit moves vendor concertates to notice dark spirit s moves
Step step step
While he run through in cricle then computer starts talking by saying that 40 sec left to unleash the ultimate canon
Vendor in his mind-Damn 40 sec left i must do something quick!
Dark spirit-Ahahahahaha boy you cant stop me i will just run unitil last part of countdown ends!

He rush up around vendor while vendor!?
Vendor in his mind say-Yeah! that s it
While dark spirit rush around vendor then vendor unleash something
Cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znshhh
Vendor-Lighting wave! Cricled version he go in cricle at all dark spirit illusion
Dark spirit! Notices him and then
Dark spirit illusions dissapear as he then creates another illusion
Dark spirit-This is nothing! He then creates soomething
Vendor-What is he trying to do?
Dark spirit creates an sword as he strikes at vendor
Dark spirit-Take this boy!
Vendor-Oh no you wont this is same thing edgar tryed but i will catch this sword even so its darkness!

Just as dark spirit appear near vendor then
Vendor hear steps...
Step step step
Vendor-He is near! And then
Dark spirit rush up at vendor as something feels strange
Vendor in his mind-Is it illusion?
Dark spirit cross over him and then
Vendor-Yes i was right now this isnt yet over concertate!
Dark spirit appears from back on on another forwards side as real as he attack him
Dark spirit swings with his dark sword as he say
Dark spirit-Its over boy you are done!
Vendor prepares as dark spirit attacks
Dark spirit hits! And just as he hits vendor do something
Dark spirit swings very near as vendor

Vendor-Burst crash righ at dark spirit s weapon
Cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znshhhhhhhhhh
Dark spirit notices as he say-What?
Dark spirit-Ugh this light is again shining!
Dark spirit goes off vendor s attack and dissapear with his fast speed on back side
Vendor in his mind-Phew that was close but this attack was strong i baerly managed to stop it!
Dark spirit-How is this possible that you managed to stop my dark weapon so easy you shure couldnt not do that tell me?
Vendor-Because i am choosen one of the light!
Dark spirit-Dont make me laugh
Vendor-If you dont belive me then i will show you i can do!

Dark spirit-Gah! Boy you may stop this weapon but you didnt stop the count down ahahahahaa
Vendor puts head on his head and make face palm
Vendor-I totaly forgot about the time ugh...i was to concertating at this that i didnt even notice!

And now again computer say
20 sec left till the cannon launch

Dark spirit-Ahahahahahahaha now is the 20 seconds!
Vendor in his mind-The time is running fast what to do what to do?
Then the weapon shines as vendor hears it then it starts talk
Helga-Child do you listen?
Vendor-Yes i do but right now it isnt good time to talk there s 20 sec till the ultimate canon launch i must do something quick!
Helga-I understand this will be quick just listen as i say ok?

Just as the sword talked witch is helga with vendor then dark spirit say

Dark spirit-Do you mind attack boy or you mind that i do the favor?
Vendor-Sorry to make you waiting i am going to show you now i can do!
Dark spirit-Then show me fast!
Vendor-I shure will!
Vendor runs at dark spirit as he say
Vendor-Here i come!
Dark spirit notices vendor how he run at him as then vendor
Vendor unleash something...

Vendor-Lighting wave!  Right at dark spirit
Dark spirit! Notice as he say
Dark spirit-To weak are you even trying?
Then vendor continue to run at dark spirit as he then
Vendor runs at dark spirit as he use his right hand by taking the sword on his back
Vendor-Ha!!! he runs with the sword witch then start shining

Dark spirit in his mind-What is this boy even trying?
Vendor still runs with the sword as it shines as he then...
Vendor swings with his sword and the dark spirit quick do something
Dark spirit-No you wont! Take this
-Dark wave-
As dark spirit unleashed the dark wave at vendor he gets  aired cshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh woooosh wooosh
Vendor-What? ugh
He gets aired into backwards side as he then put two hands on his face and then he into the air say
Vendor-Lighting wave he unleash at the ground and stop by sliding
Vendor in his mind-Phew that was close
Just as dark spirit pushed off vendor he was unleashing lighting wave to reach ground and then dark spirit say
Dark spirit-Did you forget something boy?

Vendor-What are you talking about?
Dark spirit show his right hand at ground witch is the sword as then vendor
Vendor looks down and say-Yikes! I need to get it back fast
Vendor runs towards the sword and takes it as then dark spirit say
Dark spirit-Ahahahahaha! What was that sword enyways you just used witch was shining?

Vendor-This sword is very special memento of edgar also this sword was shining because this is helga his mother!

Dark spirit-Thats  just impossible how can an person be inside sword?
Vendor-Its because this is the legendary sword passed through generations heh
Dark spirit-Well ok but that was a boring story enyways ahahahahaha and you see we just waste time do you mind to leave it unitil count down ends? i am going to end this battle right here and now!
Dark spirit-Good good....ahahahahahahah

Computer zzzz 10 sec till ultimate canon launch!
Vendor-Damn 10 sec only...
Dark spirit-Now you see boy there  s only 10 sec left can you do anything
Vendor-Yes i can!
Dark spirit-That i want to see because i will push you away enyways ahahahaha
Vendor-Not on my watch!

Vendor runs at dark spirit!
Vendor-Here i go!
10 seconds
Dark spirit prepares as vendor runs at him then while vendor is running the sword is shinning
Znshhhh shhhhhh
Vendor looks at sword while running
Helga-Do you remeber we talked about child?
Vendor in his mind while running

Vendor-Yes i do

9 seconds

Helga-Ok but this time be carefull ok and keep of the dark spirit push
As vendor runs at dark spirit he talked to helga and then he...
Vendor-Take this! he unleash
-Lighting wave- Ha!

8 seconds

Dark spirit notice and say-This is boring i wont even bother with it!
While vendor is running the sword shines even more and then
Vendor in his mind-Good! This time i wont repeat same mistake its time to use the sword!
Vendor while running-Ha!

7 seconds

Dark spirit-Just stay where you are! He uses push to move him away Dark wind!
Air goes right at vendor as then vendor
Vendor-Not this time you wont! Vendor looks down on the ground as he say
Vendor-Lighting wave! He jumps into the air and then
Dark spirit-What?

6 seconds

Vendor-Now i will defeat you! he yells while swining with the sword from the air
Dark spirit-Did you really think that i will fall for that? think again
Dark spirit unleash wind cutter as he say

5 seconds

The wint cutter hits vendor when something unexpected happens
Helga-Dont worry child i protect you!
The barrier appears and then vendor say
Vendor-Thanks now to end this!
Helga-Now do it child save my son!
Vendor-Yeah here goes!

4 seconds

Dark spirit-No this cant be impossible!
Vendor hits dark spirit-I will save you edgar from this darkness!
Dark spirit-No!!! he gets  all shined with light as sword shines trough him and then
Vendor-I did it!
Helga-Thank you child for saving my son!
Vendor-No problem! But now i must think to stop this ultimate canon...there s 4 seconds left
The shining sword stop shine then the dust removes

Edgar floats in the light dimension and then
Edgar open his eyes as he say
Edgar-Where am i?
He looks around... and then someone appears as edgar looks and say in his mind
Edgar-Is this the enemy?
As edgar wondered could this be the enemy then he looks clearly at person and then
Unkown person-My son we finally meet!
Edgar-Mother! Sniff sniff he comes near her and then try to hug her and then
As he comed near her he crossed her and then she say

Helga-Sorry my son i am a spirit
Edgar-Sigh...sniff snif
Helga-Its ok...

Edgar-Sorry that i canted save you because i was betreyed by boss and the dark spirit witch brough me to bandits base

Helga-My son i understand you its not your fault that you belived them but i to have something to tell you as well

Edgar-What do you mean?
Helga-Its about when you was going to help your freind nina i was...
Edgar-I know mom what happened dark spirit told me everything he made you cursed!

Helga-Sorry son i wish i could do more and be there when you becomed an spirit maker i promised your father to never tell you what really happened but you learned from another

Edgar-Sniff sniff...why did you have to do that?
Helga-It was because you was to little to know the truth and now you are grown up so i will tell you now what really happened
Edgar-I understand now but wait this wasnt all what happened?
Helga-Let me explain first  then you can ask ok?

Flash back
It was before you was born that i meet an child whu never trusted nobody and only belived that by hurting he can achive something unitil something happened

Helga-How could you do that to innocent people?
Holy person-That person wasnt innocent at all he was traitor dont you get it?
Helga-You are the darkness witch has no light!
Holy person-And you are telling me that see i dont bother!
Helga-You will be turned into eternal darkness as you never ever return to this place again!
Holy place-Ahahahahahaha do what you want!
Helga-Now!  she cast  a spell to remove his powers!

-You will lose your position as an holy person and be cast out of this holy place-

Holy turned into darkness and then
Dark spirit-What did you do to me?
Helga-I was turning you into darkness what you already are and now!
Dark spirit-Argh! I will never forgive you for that old woman i will curse you!
Dark spirit use curse at her and then
Dark spirit-Ahahahahaha how do you feel about that now old woman things turned on my way now suffer
Helga-You shall banish now from this place! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh znnnnnnn
Dark spirit goes off holy place while he say
Dark spirit-Ahahahahahahaha you may got me out this place but i will return!
Helga-Pant pant...i wont alow you that!

And then afther dark spirit was cast out i was having a normal life unitil you my son was born and the curse got worse that i got ill... i understand things better  i was so naive!
Helga-I am glad to hear that my son and still when i meet the choosen one of light he said that this wasnt my fault that this had to happen
Edgar-Choosen one of the light that familiar wasnt that that prey?
Helga-His was vendor and you shouldnt speak like that son because you shall call him by name!
Edgar-Ok...i will call him by name from now on but what i dont understand what s with that choosen of the light?
Helga-Choosen of the light is an person whu is brave whu help their family and freinds and never leave them and that s why that person is known as a savior!
Edgar-Woah i never knew that i learned something new and do i need to change to be like that?

Helga-I am glad you understand and no there s no need to change but you can change the actions you make only that way you can understand things better just remember when you was little your freinds you wanted ot protect

Edgar-The freinds i wanted to protect! It was Nina! But she betreyed me how i trust her
Helga-She cared about you alot i know that you cant still belive it when you wanted to save me but...i am shure she still wories about you that s why she did that because she is your freind!

Edgar-An freind...ugh maybe i was not thinking to well when i was full of rage i guess i must apologize to her!
Helga-I am glad to hear that my son that you realise but remember freindship you always must cherish
Edgar-Mom...Thank you! i understand now things much better i will do my best that this never happen ever again!
Helga-That s what i wanna hear my son confidence and encouragment is on your side and that s why i have an gift for you!

Edgar-An gift?
Helga come near me
Edgar walks towards his mother and then
Helga puts his hand on his for head and release some power
Helga-Its time that you release all the hate and become light!
The light shines as edgar then...
Edgar-Thank you for everything mother!

Edgar shows...
The boss-Gah! Even so you managed to defeat the dark spirit you didnt stop ultimate canon because in 4 seconds everything will be under my control ahahahaha!
Vendor-I wont alow you this! vendor run at the ultimate canon
The boss-Did you forget something?
Vendor doesnt listen

3 seconds

Vendor-Now to destroy this thing! Ha Lighting blast! He unleash right at the ultimate canon but barrier appears
The boss-Told you so..
Then the barrier crackles even more that before as it was almoust to  break

2 seconds

The boss-This cant be!
Vendor-Ha!!!! lighting blast full power!

1 seconds

the barrier crackles and gets destroyed
The boss-This is impossible!
Vendor-Yes i did it! But now there s not yet the time to celebrate everything depends on 1 second!
Vendor unleash lighting wave extended version right at ultimate canon
Vendor-Now i end this! ha Lighting wave extended burst!
But somehow it didnt work
The boss-Ahahahahahahah now you see even my ultimate canon has protection and now...
Vendor in his mind say-This is bad

Just as vendor destroyed the sheild but didnt the ultimate canon then...
Computer say


Computer-Launching the ultimate canon!
Znshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pshhhhshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh woooosh!!!

Boss-For the greatest finalle!
Just as the ultimate canon reached the air vendor looks shocked as he notices it
Vendor-Damn it i was to late to stop it!

This is bad! The ultimate canon is unleashed into the air will vendor manage to stop it? Only time can tell

Chapter end
Spirit maker chapter 96 Please save my son
Today i decided to upload new spirit maker chapter witch very interesting where it show more stuff before wasnt explained yet again you have to read it to see and of course i wont spoil it that s why i said that above as well it wasnt easy to write this chapter either i did re write it more that once sigh but i managed to finish it so i hope you will like it my freinds


Hello my name is Sebastijan i am glad you fund my page i am very nice person i like to help enywey i like anime
and play role play games etc
i like so much to draw n_n for fun
And wanded to make nice freinds

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