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Yeah i wonder what s best solution to deal with people whu spread false information

For an example person calls you a troll for eny reason and its not true
but the person likes to spread lies about and call their group to belive them and what ever you say has no result they belive their word more that yours

so this becomes a big problem even so i know its best to ignore person but what is situation is bigger if person is getting this even more that usual gossip around not just deviant art but other site spreading lies about person that whould be one big mess and its hard to deal with so many idiots beliving into lies

that s why today social conversation becomed really a mess

so i give another example about this

I have an condition and person doesnt belive it and just offend you and you tell them how that hurt and it will result as they call you a troll and how i explained above they will call group of people to attack you witch is horrible

here s an example
If person is hurt by another person whu offend you or hurt your fellings whu have condition they will find it like its nothing wrong and you are automaticly a troll to them and they will spread lies

1-Person hurts you because you tell them they hurt you then later they say
2-They keep spread lies around side this person is a troll and there s many of them whu do that

I hope there s people on this site whu isnt like that how these people are whu spread lies about others whu can comment withoud eny non sense or using fail logic

the wrost part is when people have something againts you they dont like you then you are in their way so this seems like in shcool if person doesnt like you they bully you with their gang and that s the same way how online works how these people abuse me with false information so yeah hope enyone has an good explanation how to deal with this non sense even so i know

Ignore is the best solution but sometimes not yet that much effect when gossip cross the line
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Arisa s magical attack star blast animation
Well i decided to make an random lazy animation about my orginal character arisa even so again its very random agan lazy XD
but at least i tryed heh
again to explain this is the gif animation where arisa unleash her basic move called star blast hope you will like it my freinds n_n
Anniversary of my orginal character Arisa by sebo3e
Anniversary of my orginal character Arisa
This is my orginal character Arisa and she becomed 18 years well actually its between 18 and 19 years old so to explain more about her how i created it...

She was actually before an random character i gave her random names and hair styles she even looked like sara character my another oc i think and etc...  unitil i made it final as orginal character as she even became an main character in my short story called Mahou x girl

another thing you see i sumited my first image of arisa in 2009 and now is 2015 and that gave me a tough to make this anniversary for her and it made it interesting so i hope you my freinds will like it


Hello my name is Sebastijan i am glad you fund my page i am very nice person i like to help enywey i like anime
and play role play games etc
i like so much to draw n_n for fun
And wanded to make nice freinds lol here is the list
Great freinds!


hehe that s all great friends for now soory if i forgot somone lol

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